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Oh, Oh! - cjs - 08-10-2011

I just send out an email to a lot of folks and used the method of emailing it to me and 'bcc'ing everyone else. BUT, now I want to print a copy of the email plus who it did go to and I'm not seeing a way to find the bccs now...... anyone know how to do this????

Re: Oh, Oh! - farnfam - 08-10-2011

Maybe in your SENT folder?

Re: Oh, Oh! - cjs - 08-10-2011

nope, doesn't give the list.

Re: Oh, Oh! - Gourmet_Mom - 08-10-2011

I'll check it out, Jean. BRB!

Re: Oh, Oh! - Gourmet_Mom - 08-10-2011

Jean, I don't know if your email is set up like mine, but hear goes. Between the header and message, I have a green bar where my reply etc. Is located. Also on this bar I have a window that when clicked opens the message in a new window. Beside that is an envelope that allows me to see the original. I can't see your bcc's, but you might be able to on your original. I think you may can do the same thing under the View tab at the top of the screen. Choose Page Source. This will probably be your best bet. Hope it works.

Re: Oh, Oh! - cjs - 08-10-2011

this is printed and I'll go look. thanks Daphne.

Re: Oh, Oh! - labradors - 08-10-2011

It would have to be through your "Sent" folder, if at all. Otherwise, the copy that you received (from having sent it to yourself) would be just like anyone else's copy and not have the BCCs.

Re: Oh, Oh! - cjs - 08-10-2011

Yup - it's gone to la-la land... so be it.

Re: Oh, Oh! - Cubangirl - 08-10-2011

Have you tried finding the one you got and selecting reply all and see if the names appear? which email program do you use?

Re: Oh, Oh! - Gourmet_Mom - 08-10-2011

Off to give that a try.

That didn't work. The only other suggestion I have is for you to send the original again, but add at the top that this is a repeat and please reply due to technical issues...whatever to get them to reply. I'd reply to all, but the reason you did it this way, I think, is because someone, Labs, suggested it to prevent replying to everyone.