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Semolina Gnocchi - mjkcooking - 08-14-2011

I came across this recipe - and it looks so good - I thought I would ask

if any of you have made this particular dish -

you make a polenta with the Semolina and cut out circles and layer in the dish

add cheese and bake - it is served with italian meatballs -

Has any of you made this dish?


Re: Semolina Gnocchi - cjs - 08-14-2011

Not that exact one, Marye, but I do cook up and set polenta, then fry/bake it and serve with a sauce. Haven't added meatballs - but, why not, sounds delicious.

Re: Semolina Gnocchi - Mare749 - 08-14-2011

Yes, I have. Go for it. It's wonderful and melts in your mouth!