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A Book For Us!! - cjs - 08-20-2011

Talking to my sister this a.m. we were going on and on about The Help and she mentioned a book that she wants me to read - I just looked it up on Amazon and I've already ordered it.

Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral, by Kris Radish - Let me tell you I teared up just reading the description!!

Book Description
Publication Date: January 31, 2006
For Katherine Givens and the four women about to become her best friends, the adventure begins with a UPS package. Inside is a pair of red sneakers filled with ashes and a note that will forever change their lives. Katherine’s oldest and dearest friend, the irrepressible Annie Freeman, left one final request–a traveling funeral–and she wants the most important women in her life as “pallbearers.”

From Sonoma to Manhattan, Katherine, Laura, Rebecca, Jill, and Marie will carry Annie’s ashes to the special places in her life. At every stop there’s a surprise encounter and a small miracle waiting, and as they whoop it up across the country, attracting interest wherever they go, they share their deepest secrets–tales of broken hearts and second chances, missed opportunities and new beginnings. And as they grieve over what they’ve lost, they discover how much is still possible if only they can unravel the secret Annie left them....

Re: A Book For Us!! - Harborwitch - 08-20-2011

Sounds interesting - and bonus; it's available on! As soon as I finish the book I'm reading I'll check it out. Thanks for the heads up!

Re: A Book For Us!! - Mare749 - 08-20-2011

Thanks Jean, I'll go check it out. I wonder how Denise is liking Four Kitchens....hmmm....what to read next...

Re: A Book For Us!! - cjs - 08-20-2011

I'm loving Four Kitchens - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

Loved The Help today, also - LOVED, LOVED, LOVED!!

My entertainment world is fabulous this weekend.

Re: A Book For Us!! - cjs - 08-20-2011

You might want to check out -

kinda goes with this thread.....

Re: A Book For Us!! - Mare749 - 08-20-2011

I did! Nice article, Jean!

Re: A Book For Us!! - Lorraine - 08-21-2011

Sounds good, Jean. I haven't read a book in so long, it's embarrasing.

Re: A Book For Us!! - BarbaraS - 08-23-2011

Well I may not have gotten the gel mat, but I did pick up a copy of "The Help" at BJ's. They also had "A Stolen Life" but I have problems with reading books I have a feeling are going to make me sad. And this is non-fiction.


Re: A Book For Us!! - cjs - 08-23-2011

"A Stolen Life" - haven't heard of this one. Let us know how you like it. I've already bought 6 books this month (3 cookbooks, and 3 others).

Re: A Book For Us!! - BarbaraS - 08-23-2011


It's Jaycee Dugard's autobiography - the girl who was kidnapped and held for 18 years. I'm really not into reading it.

But I'm looking at "Four Kitchens" on Amazon and it's looking good. I also want to order "Priceless" by Robert Wittman. He spent his life chasing down and returning priceless stolen works of art.