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Two Fun Desserts - Lorraine - 09-07-2011

He put them on last Sunday's Brunch menu without consulting me, and they turned out to be the best ones we've done. I made both in the hamburger bun pans. Here's what we did:

Too Much Chocolate
Made a triple chocolate brownie in the bun pan, 1/2 thick. On the plate, choclate sauce (made with PMV Chocolate Wine), the bronie, a scoop of Chocolate Mousse (made with the same wine), a big scoop of Chocolate whipped Cream ( with more Chocolate Wine), and some shavings of white chocolate.

Upside Down Apple Cake

I made a yellow cake batter, but substtuted 1/2 Chardonnay/1/2 apple juice for the water in the recipe. Buttered the pans well, laid down apple slices fried in butter and apple pie spice, covered with the cake mix. When they were done, topped with whipped cream and a caremalized apple slice, ands a bit of syrup. They were great.

Re: Two Fun Desserts - cjs - 09-07-2011

Oh, am I ever stealing these ideas, Lorraine! Thanks and thanks to Gil's great culinary mind (even if it is a pastry mind, sometimes...ick)

Re: Two Fun Desserts - Mare749 - 09-07-2011

I am so impressed, Lorraine. Both ideas are so creative and sound delicious!

Re: Two Fun Desserts - BarbaraS - 09-07-2011

Lorraine, you're just being mean...

But seriously, how do you carmelize apple and what kind of syrup did you use?


Re: Two Fun Desserts - Lorraine - 09-07-2011

For the syrup, he reduced equal parts of a local apple juice and Chardonnay. Yuo don't have to add any sugar, the sugar in both with reduce and create a syrup.

For the apples, heat a pan, add brown sugar and butter, add the apple slices and spices. Cook over a fairly high heat, the sugar will caramelize, and the apples get cooked. Watch them closely.

Re: Two Fun Desserts - iBcookin - 09-08-2011

Fortunately for us there ARE pastry minds! They both sound wonderful, don't know which I would like to try first!

Re: Two Fun Desserts - Lorraine - 09-08-2011


Fortunately for us there ARE pastry minds

And mine is NOT one of them!! If and when I have to bake, I follow the recipe exactly. He, on the other hand, improvises as he goes along, and they always turn out.

Re: Two Fun Desserts - Harborwitch - 09-08-2011

Thank you for sharing Lorraine. I'm going to save these - what a great idea - especially the apple cake. MMMMMMM.

Re: Two Fun Desserts - Mare749 - 09-08-2011

I agree about the apple cake. Perfect time of the year for it. I think that's the one I would try as well. The chocolate sounds amazing, but could be a meal in itself!

Re: Two Fun Desserts - Lorraine - 09-08-2011

I can't wait for the local high school to have their apple fundraiser. Last yeat we bought several bushels and kept them in the computer room that's really cold.