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What are these? - labradors - 09-10-2011

Anyone know?

[Image: beforex.jpg]

Hint: They're NOT some new kind of macaroni with cheese already built in. LOL!

Re: What are these? - DFen911 - 09-10-2011

It looks like sweet potato pasta.

Re: What are these? - labradors - 09-10-2011

They're not that, either.

Re: What are these? - Gourmet_Mom - 09-10-2011

I was going to say the same thing! Although, some of the tomato ones look a little orange to me.

Re: What are these? - Old Bay - 09-10-2011

Are they tomato cheetos in a macaroni shape , maybe for dipping?

Re: What are these? - labradors - 09-10-2011

Daphne's cold.

Bill is getting warmer.

Re: What are these? - cjs - 09-10-2011

Looks to me like a tomato based extruded pasta of some sort...not orange licorice, huh??

Re: What are these? - labradors - 09-10-2011

Nope. Bill was the closest, but you're all barking up the wrong tree.

Although they look like some kind of pasta (even more so in person), they are made from soy, not wheat, and are not intended to be boiled.

Instead, they are deep fried, then eaten as puffy, crispy snacks. The locals call them churros, but they use the same word for Cheetos and other, similar snacks.

When they are deep fried, they go from being 1 3/4-inch-long "macaroni" that are almost impossible to break to 3 3/4-inch-long, puffs that are quite tasty.

Here is that exact same small handful from the earlier picture after they have been fried:

[Image: afterj.jpg]

Re: What are these? - Gourmet_Mom - 09-10-2011

So it's a snack type item that does not require cooking?

Re: What are these? - farnfam - 09-10-2011

I've had those, from street vendors in Mexico. They sell them for 20pesos with sugar and cinnamon on them. Is that the same thing?