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Out of Town - DFen911 - 09-16-2011

Ok so tomorrow morning at 0-dark-30 we're hitting the road. Unfortunately I will have no internet access until the 27th.

You all be good...stay out of the shooters!! (does the finger to eyes movement to everyone) I have an exact count of what's in there

Re: Out of Town - cjs - 09-17-2011

Anxious to hear all about the house and planting ideas when you get back. Safe trip.

Re: Out of Town - Mare749 - 09-17-2011

Have a safe trip, Denise. Can't wait to see some pix and hear more about your future home.

Re: Out of Town - Harborwitch - 09-17-2011

Hope you're having a great trip. Enjoy!

Re: Out of Town - Gourmet_Mom - 09-17-2011

Have a great trip! Stay safe!