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Prayer for two heart patients - labradors - 09-22-2011

As you may know, I sometimes help some doctor friends by taking some patients and their families to meet visiting medical brigades.

This week included such an occasion, but had a lot more to it than usual.

The group that is currently visiting San Pedro Sula (a three-hour bus trip from here to the hospital there, then three hours to return home, of course) comes here every year to perform heart surgery on kids (as many as 25 operations during the week they are here) - all free of charge.

One of the patients scheduled for surgery on Saturday is a ten-year-old, named Edwin. Please, of course, pray for him, his family, the surgeons and the surgery.

There is, however, another patient and family that need prayer. Today was when I took Edwin and his family to the hospital to meet the brigade. It was actually supposed to have been yesterday, but my doctor friend gave me the contact information for ELKYN'S family, instead of Edwin's, and I accompanied ELKYN and his family all the way to San Pedro Sula and took them to the main doctor in the group before anyone knew he was the WRONG patient!

Here's the thing, though: Elkyn, who's just turning five, HAD already been evaluated by this group and DOES have a heart problem, but they had already determined that the damage to his heart muscle was such that it was irreparable and they had already had that conversation with Elkyn's parents.

Needless to say, his parents HAD sounded surprised when I called them to tell them to pack a suitcase and get ready to meet me at the bus terminal to go to meet the brigade for surgery.

Also, needless to say, it was very difficult for the doctor and me to have to tell them that the whole trip had been for naught and that there was still nothing that could be done for Elkyn.

All of that made yesterday's trip VERY long and tiring AND made it necessary for my local doctor friend to find the RIGHT patient - Edwin, so I could make the trip AGAIN, today, with the right family

Re: Prayer for two heart patients - esgunn - 09-22-2011

Rob, How wonderful for you to help and to make this possible for the boys and families to meet up with the doctors.

I will keep boy boys and their families in my prayers. I pray for Edwin to have a successful surgery.

I also pray for Elkyn and his family. How very sad to find out that they feel there is nothing to be done. So sad.

Re: Prayer for two heart patients - Old Bay - 09-23-2011

Prayers all around--I'm so sorry--I hope things work out. So many "free things" are ------????? Not always from the doctor, but from the the organizers--thy mean no harm, but it turns out wrong.

Re: Prayer for two heart patients - cjs - 09-23-2011

Oh wow, I can't imagine what those families go through. Prayers all around, of course. (and, I b*tch about my little problems....)

Re: Prayer for two heart patients - Harborwitch - 09-23-2011

We will be saying prayers for them all. I just cannot imagine the roller coaster of emotions - how very sad for Elkyn's family . . . but science is always evolving, there is always hope.

Re: Prayer for two heart patients - Mare749 - 09-23-2011

Of course you can count on me to include them in my prayers as well. This brings tears to my eyes just reading it. We have been so blessed that our Alyssa was able to have heart surgery the day after she was born, then the second surgery at 2 years old. My heart goes out to both of these families.

Re: Prayer for two heart patients - Gourmet_Mom - 09-23-2011

This is so sad to hear. Of course, it's wonderful that Edwin will get a chance for a healthy heart, but what a blow for the other family. I will definitely include both families in my prayers.

Re: Prayer for two heart patients - DFen911 - 09-25-2011

Rob I just am so impressed by how much you do for so many others who are less fortunate than us. You are a treasure

Re: Prayer for two heart patients - Gourmet_Mom - 09-25-2011

I was telling William about this and he pointed out that a couple from church are in Equador now...or were last week. He's a doctor and she's a nurse they go away for a week or two several times a year. This is their first time there. Such a wonderful cause!

Re: Prayer for two heart patients - labradors - 09-26-2011

Thanks, everyone. As soon as I hear how Edwin's surgery went, I'll post it here. Since the brigade is very busy when they're here, they don't usually send follow-up emails until a few days after they get back to the States.