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Funny, strange and edgy - labradors - 10-07-2011

This will make you hungry, sick or both: Candy Poutine.

Re: Funny, strange and edgy - Harborwitch - 10-07-2011

Labs - you are funny, sometimes you are strange, and this is strangely funny - and like sorta makes me crave something sweet. I just wonder what they were doing with the "Jack" other than drinking it. Hmmmmm - just wondering, could you batter and fry Jr. Mints???

Did you know I'd be the first to comment???

Re: Funny, strange and edgy - labradors - 10-08-2011

LOL! This one IS strange, and it was on the main YouTube page when I went there to look for something else, but when I saw the title, "Candy Poutine," I just had to check it out.

Didn't know you'd be the first to comment. Hadn't really considered who would reply. LOL!