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Isn't This Pitiful?? - cjs - 10-09-2011

My friend who is writing the Greek cookbook asked me to test a stuffed zucc blossom recipe a while back and I had to disappoint her that my zucchini plants were such losers, I hadn't had a blossom forever...and looked what I found yesterday in this crappy weather, too.

[Image: LoneZuccBlossom.jpg]

so, made a small batch of her filling and tried it out - it's very good - a crab and feta.

[Image: StuffedZuccFlower1.jpg]

[Image: StuffedZuccflowerhalved.jpg]

and, that's probably it for that poor pitiful zucc plant this year. I think I'll do a 'garden' dance next spring - it's been two years now that the gardens have not done really well.

Re: Isn't This Pitiful?? - Harborwitch - 10-09-2011

Lovely! That looks so good!

Re: Isn't This Pitiful?? - Mare749 - 10-09-2011

What a shame. That dish looks scrumptious.

Re: Isn't This Pitiful?? - Lorraine - 10-09-2011

Sounds great!

Re: Isn't This Pitiful?? - luvnit - 10-09-2011

Pitiful? Yes, but it looks delicious!

Re: Isn't This Pitiful?? - DFen911 - 10-09-2011

I've never had a stuffed blossom but I hear they are wonderful! Very pretty dish.

Re: Isn't This Pitiful?? - Gourmet_Mom - 10-09-2011

Now that's so weird....I can't see this picture either. And I have now noticed nobody's pictures are showing. Either something is wrong here or wrong with my computer.

Re: Isn't This Pitiful?? - cjs - 10-09-2011

hmmmm, I'm still seeing everyone's pictures.

Re: Isn't This Pitiful?? - Gourmet_Mom - 10-09-2011

That's odd. It must be my iPad. I'll have to check the settings.

Okay, now that I can see it.....YUM! Sad you only had one.