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Fun Cooking Day! - cjs - 10-10-2011

Well, I should be feeling guilty 'cause I should have been proofreading all day.....but homemade noodles to go with the braised oxtails were just calling my name, so for the first time this year - homemade noodles.

Started with Black Pepper noodles (with all-purpose flour) - a recipe from an old C2C friend, Roberto. Man, these are delicious.
[Image: PepperNoodles.jpg]

Then, I got to thinking about the whole wheat pastas I've been buying so thought I'd better go that direction also.
[Image: PepperandWholeWheatNoodles.jpg]

Taste testing - after cooking them both up and tossing the black pepper noodles with butter and the w.w. noodles with olive oil, we really preferred the all-purpose over the whole wheat. But after I put the dish together, oh man, they were equally good!!
[Image: BraisedOxtailandHomemadenoodles2.jpg]

We did make little piggys of ourselves along with a wonderful bottle of Zin.

Re: Fun Cooking Day! - Gourmet_Mom - 10-10-2011

It looks awesome, Jean! I really want to figure out what's wrong with my roller. I miss fresh noodles!

Re: Fun Cooking Day! - cjs - 10-10-2011

did you wash it? It may be rusty? I can't remember what you said it was or wasn't doing....

Re: Fun Cooking Day! - Mare749 - 10-10-2011

Gorgeous looking dish, Jean.

Re: Fun Cooking Day! - DFen911 - 10-10-2011

Did Roy make the pasta rack? I need to get me one of those someday. Love the idea of pepper pasta! I haven't made pasta in such a long time. This picture just looks wonderful!

Re: Fun Cooking Day! - Gourmet_Mom - 10-11-2011

Jean, it's almost like a piece of dried pasta stuck inside?

Re: Fun Cooking Day! - cjs - 10-11-2011

Yes, Denise, he did - he promised to make a couple for folks on here and then lost the list of who wanted them.... (think we're related???????) So, he's back in business again, so if anyone still wants one, let us know.

Re: Fun Cooking Day! - Lorraine - 10-11-2011

Looks great, Jean! I have a lot of recipes archived on the other site, but can't log in. hint

Re: Fun Cooking Day! - cjs - 10-11-2011

I had a heck of a time also. I have lots of Roberto's recipes.

Re: Fun Cooking Day! - pjcooks - 10-11-2011

Yummy! I love oxtail, use it to make my jus for Christmas. Your pasta looks amazing. Maybe when I retire, I'll get to play!