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Next Food Network Iron Chef -SPOILER - Gourmet_Mom - 10-30-2011

WOW! It's not over, but it looks to be FANTASTIC!

Don't forget, you guys. No spoilers until everyone interested has seen the show.

Re: Next Food Network Iron Chef - Harborwitch - 10-30-2011

Football is interfering with my IC fix. It wouldn't be so bad if I actually cared about either team.

So many great Chefs on this one - and I have no idea how to pick one to root for. I agree no spoilers!!!

Re: Next Food Network Iron Chef - Gourmet_Mom - 10-30-2011

Seriously. Who to cheer on!?!? It's a great and intense show!

On reflection, I think Michael would have to be my favorite...just as a blind pick. But there are some greats on here. It should be an incredible series!

And I just realized how hard it's going to be to see some of my favorite chefs loose.

Re: Next Food Network Iron Chef - labradors - 10-30-2011

Shall have to look into this since I am able to watch this now.

Re: Next Food Network Iron Chef - iBcookin - 10-31-2011

My first thought was how intriguing - I have watched so many of these people sit in judegement of other contestants - whether on Next Iron Chef or Chopped or Top Chef - and I always thought some of the comments were pretty tough. Ingredients didn't work together like they should have, the dish didn't gel in the time frame specified, I always felt like it was a bit too easy to sit on the tasting side and spew out comments when they were not on the "putting together" side of the competition.

Now, however, the tables will be turned - you are working under that infamous 15 minute time period or cooking for a specified audience. It will be really interesting to see how some of these people react under those compressed and demanding time frames and with challenging ingredients. It is easy to criticize a dish that has been placed in front of you, much harder to produce that dish in it's final and best form in a given time frame and the first go-around, without the ability to taste it and tweak it to a final perfect form.

What a cast!

Re: Next Food Network Iron Chef - cjs - 10-31-2011

Thanks Lorraine for letting me know I could look at this thread!!

I'm so anxious to see this show, but no way in h*ll I can stay up until 11 p.m., so we're taping it at home. BUT, anyone who has access to the time and/or day it will be re-broadcast in the next few days, I'd sure like to look at it. I'll also try to find a schedule that will tell me.

Signed anxious!
I don't know who I want to win - I just know who I don't want to win......

Re: Next Food Network Iron Chef - Harborwitch - 10-31-2011

They usually repeat them just before the new one - Ours recorded at 6 yesterday, and then over and over and over for several hours. Of course we're on Directv.

I'm not sure who I'm hoping will win. They are all so good!

Re: Next Food Network Iron Chef - Cubangirl - 10-31-2011

I love this new format. I too have Directv and see it in CA when it plays at 6:00 pm in the east. It also repeats several times during the week. However, if you want it now full episode here . If you go to this link there is fun info on the show, chef's, recipes, etc. It will tell you who was eliminated in the second link, so go to the video first if you don't want to know.

I've always liked Geoffrey Zakarian on Chopped. He's one of the few that does not always ask for more heat (unlike Aaron whatever). I like all the chefs this time, but will probably root for the ones that help their fellow chefs. To me that indicates they want to win because their food really is better. If I had to pick now, Geoffrey would be first, then Marcus, then Alex. I was very pleased with the first elimination.

When will we know it is ok to talk about the elimination?

Re: Next Food Network Iron Chef - Gourmet_Mom - 10-31-2011

I'm hoping Labs, Sharon, and Jean will let us know when they watched it. There are a couple of things that I am busting to say....LOL! I will say that I gained more respect for Geoffrey in this episode. So he's close to the top of my list now.

Re: Next Food Network Iron Chef - labradors - 11-01-2011

I'm with you all, Daphne, and have seen it. I don't know half of the chefs, but here are my thoughts:

I don't know Michael, Elizabeth, Chuck, Beau or Spike.

I know OF Robert only by reputation (including the controversies).

I DO know Anne, Alex, and Geoffrey from Chopped and Geoffrey is my favourite judge on the show.

From Top Chef: Masters and something else that I'm not remembering I AM a fan of Marcus and he's the only one of the lot that I've seen in the kitchen for more than just one or two episodes of a show.

What worries me is my association of one of the judges - Simon Majumdar - with the incredibly BAD show Extreme Chef and the way in which this first episode (AND the preview of the next) somewhat resembled that show. He's going to have to do a LOT to earn my respect, since I don't know of his other credentials and that other show really put me off enough that his credentials probably wouldn't impress me anyway. In fact, for further information, read my IMDB review of Extreme Chef