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Hey Bill & Jane 1 - cjs - 12-06-2011

You have got to get to this winery next time you're on the West coast - preferably we'll meet you there!! Tobin James - our absolute favorite California winery.

Our dinner today was just fantastic - Butternut squash Penne al Burro, beef filet, and can you believe this...frozen Tuscan-Style veggie (Safeway brand, cooked in the microwave for 3 minutes and tossed with pesto - darn dish was tasty!! ) and all served with two wines.

[Image: BSqPennealBurrosteakTobinJamesCabFranc.jpg]

Tobin James 2008 Cab Franc and our favorite local winermaker's 2009 Cab Franc.

We were both amazed - Tobin James was the best with the steak and the piece of coconut fudge ( ) we had for dessert.

But, Sara's was better with the Squash and Penne dish and the pesto veggies. I'm so anxious to tell Sara.

But, the Tobin James is so deliciously smooth - you'd both (and all of you) would love it!

Re: Hey Bill & Jane 1 - Harborwitch - 12-06-2011

You're killin' me here! That looks so good!

Chad got a box of ornaments at an auction - they're in a Michael David 7 Deadly Zins box. That's another great CA winery!

Re: Hey Bill & Jane 1 - Gourmet_Mom - 12-06-2011

Thanks for the tip, Jean. I think I may have seen this one!

Re: Hey Bill & Jane 1 - Old Bay - 12-07-2011

You told us about the Tobin James before. I'm going to try and find it locally. Was your local wine the Comraderie? I bought some of their wines after we were out there. Very good. We're going to go West again in the next 12-18 mos.

Re: Hey Bill & Jane 1 - cjs - 12-07-2011

"We're going to go West again in the next 12-18 mos." - WHAT PART OF WEST??????????

No, it's a Harbinger wine. We haven't been to or drank Camaraderie for almost a year - wierd things going on at that winery.

Re: Hey Bill & Jane 1 - DFen911 - 12-07-2011

Yeah I'd like to know what part too, cause in about 11 months we're moving to Oregon but may be down in S. Calif to visit family. Details!!

Re: Hey Bill & Jane 1 - cjs - 12-08-2011

West Coast Reunion in the works!!!! And, Denise may be the central point...

Re: Hey Bill & Jane 1 - DFen911 - 12-09-2011

Gah of all years too...not sure when we'll sell the house but I will figure out something!! My god it'd be too worth it not to