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A Friggin' Bah Humbug Christmas..... - cjs - 12-25-2011

don't want this post as part of our wonderful Christmas threads - geez, what a friggin' crappy Christmas. Christmas Eve's dinner - nothing to shout about. Me, who has a Pizza cookbook under my belt, threw the whole friggin' pizza away this a.m. T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E!! (the last dish I had to throw completely away was in 1968 - dried shrimp )

Jumped in the car and drove all over Port Angeles looking for breakfast somewhere; every restuarant closed (good for them bad for us). Came home and had friggin' hot dogs. With a 2nd bottle of bubbly - our only saving grace.

So, the shimp is back in the freezer, screw it - we'll have a bowl of soup or something later.

BAH HUMBUG~! Next year will be great. O.K., rant over.

Re: A Friggin' Bah Humbug Christmas..... - Old Bay - 12-25-2011

Christmas, and life, is always good in Texas.

Re: A Friggin' Bah Humbug Christmas..... - Mare749 - 12-25-2011

Oh my, I just don't know what to say! I hope next year is better?... ...think I'll sign off now...

Big hugs!

Re: A Friggin' Bah Humbug Christmas..... - Harborwitch - 12-25-2011

Oh Jean I am so sorry! On the up side - no indigestion???

Bob's gettin' ready to fire up the grill (in the freezing cold) and we're watching a video his friends from Kentucky took on their trip to China. Some interesting looking food - but no explanation of how and what (except for Peking duck being put in a pancake at the table.

OK the steak is resting, the merlot reduction is sketchy, and everything else looks ok. We have a Citra Montepulciano d'Abruzza to go with dinner. Right now we're resting too. Still watching China . . . .

Re: A Friggin' Bah Humbug Christmas..... - pjcooks - 12-26-2011

Will it mak3e you feel any better if I tell you my f----up? Started my herb rolls this morning. Shaped, set to rise and NOTHING. Then I remembered I forgot the yeast. So I started again. Put everything in the bread machine, turned it on, started to walk out of the kitchen and saw the paddle for the bread machine on the cutting board, not in the bread machine. Start over again.

Forgot the herbs, too. Oh well, there isn't a roll left in this house. 25 people went through 50 rolls. It's good to laugh at your self sometimes!

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Re: A Friggin' Bah Humbug Christmas..... - Harborwitch - 12-26-2011

The sweet potatoes were perfect! I still had some no knead bread so buttered it and toasted on the griddle. The steak . . . . . less than wonderful, a bit tough - the merlot reduction was ok. The highlight was the mislabeled herb salad (it was baby lettuces, no herbs) and the freakin' dressing - bought it on a whim a few weeks ago and just never got around to it - Newman's Own Light Raspberry & Walnut Vinaigrette - holy cr@p - that was the best part of the meal, I could eat it with a spoon, or okay sop it up with bread, or . . . just drink the stuff. No dessert.

Re: A Friggin' Bah Humbug Christmas..... - BarbaraS - 12-26-2011


Just think of it as an opportunity for a "do-over", and without the rush.


Re: A Friggin' Bah Humbug Christmas..... - cjs - 12-26-2011

Good Lord, what a pity party I had yesterday - that's so ridiculously sad! Geez, glad that day is over now.

Sharon, that is Tracie's favorite salad dressing - it is good.

Oh, PJ - yes, it made me feel a little better.

Re: A Friggin' Bah Humbug Christmas..... - Harborwitch - 12-26-2011

Bob and I were joking that we should have put a big freakin' bow on the van! There was our Christmas!

Re: A Friggin' Bah Humbug Christmas..... - Lorraine - 12-26-2011

Ours turned out great, but not without it's mishaps. My gougeres never rose, they looked like dollar size pancakes. Good thing i was feeding them to Brad who had never had them, so didn't know what they should look like. He bought a spiral cut ham to go with the smoked turkey, but someone at the factory forgot to cut it. I completely forgot to serve the lemon souffled crepes.