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White Balsamic Vin recipe - pjcooks - 12-30-2011

Okay, I'm challenged when it comes to vinaigrettes. My chef is always telling me how easy they are, I do make them at work (when I have to)but while I can get the emulsification, I always feel my flavors are off. Which leads me to my question, anyone have a good recipe? I need proportions, not my chef's look and listen method. He doesn't like the traditional oil to vin ratio (3 to 1), says they're much too oily, and his always taste great so I'm inclined to agree with him.

Any help is appreciated. I always make my own vins (for myself, I'm not that fussy at home), but I'm tired of buying and storing several bottles of (shudder) purchased dressings for Picky.

Thanks, folks!


Re: White Balsamic Vin recipe - cjs - 12-30-2011

PJ, I think the ratio is such a personal thing. But, the absolute favorite of our is from Every Night Italian by Giuliano Hazan. We ran into to him on one of our trips somewhere that he was doing a book signing and when I told him how crazy we were about this silly little vinaigrette, he even signed the book page with, "Keep on making this, Roy!!" Roy was so tickled.

this is the perfrect amount for a salad that serve 4 to 6 folks. have everything in the salad bowl; season with salt, drizzle with 5 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, then drizzle 2 teaspoons red wine vinegar, followed by 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar.

don't know why, but this is just perfect for us. And, this is how he describes how to dress a salad in his book...

"A well-known Italian proverb says it takes four people to dress a salad: a wise person to add the salt, a generous person for the olive oil, a stingy person for the vinegar, and a patient person to toss (his father always told him a salad must be tossed 34 times). On special occasions I add a fifth person to this team: a wealthy person for the balsamic vinegar."

By the way, he is really a delightful chef and man.

Re: White Balsamic Vin recipe - Harborwitch - 12-30-2011

Wonderful story Jean. That is Bob's favorite dressing - I tend to agree (other than that d@mn raspberry walnut stuff)! I like the method too! I miss my big salad bowl.

Re: White Balsamic Vin recipe - pjcooks - 12-30-2011

Thanks, Jean, that is a great story. I'm off to play. Appreciate your help!


Re: White Balsamic Vin recipe - cjs - 12-30-2011

Please let us know how you like the ratio.

Re: White Balsamic Vin recipe - pjcooks - 12-31-2011

Worked out well, Jean. I started off with less oil, then added more as I tasted. Picky never knew it was a homemade vin, so I guess it passed the test!


Re: White Balsamic Vin recipe - cjs - 01-01-2012

Oh good. That will probably be our salad dressng tonight - how easy can you get.

Re: White Balsamic Vin recipe - Lorraine - 01-01-2012

I really like to make salads this way. Thanks, Jean!

Re: White Balsamic Vin recipe - Mare749 - 01-01-2012

I can't wait to try this. Thanks, Jean!

Re: White Balsamic Vin recipe - BarbaraS - 01-01-2012

Me too!