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Valentine's Day Dinner!!! - cjs - 02-02-2012

Wow, I almost forgot it's almost here - 12 mmore days. Has anyone decided what they are making or having made?????

One thing I almost always do, is a flourless chocolate cake or one of the liquid ones, but other than that....hmmmmmm

Ideas needed.

Re: Valentine's Day Dinner!!! - Mare749 - 02-03-2012

Haven't decided on a dinner menu just yet, but have picked the dessert. After Trixxee's suggestion to look at Bobby Flay's "Mesa Grill Cookbook" I found a recipe for a molten cake that sounded yummy. It's called "Warm Chocolate Cakes with Dulce de Leche."

Re: Valentine's Day Dinner!!! - cjs - 02-03-2012

My favorite dessert for Valentine's day!!

Re: Valentine's Day Dinner!!! - farnfam - 02-03-2012

Well, we'll be away again for Valentine's, it's our anniversary. We've booked an all day lesson at The Little Mexican Cooking School, and are really looking forward to it. I can come back and report the whole thing if you'd like or you can check it out here: So excited!!!

Re: Valentine's Day Dinner!!! - Mare749 - 02-03-2012

Are you going to the same place Cis?

Re: Valentine's Day Dinner!!! - farnfam - 02-03-2012

Going to Isla Mujeres but first Puerto Morelos. Love the whole area really

Re: Valentine's Day Dinner!!! - cjs - 02-03-2012

Oh Cis, that sounds wonderful!!! Please report back with everything you learn.

Re: Valentine's Day Dinner!!! - pjcooks - 02-08-2012

Fun fun fun, Cis! Have a wonderful time!

Not sure about dinner yet-I know baked stuffed shrimp are there some where, maybe porcini rubbed ribeyes. We'll celebrate on the 13th-Picky Jr has a b-ball game the next day.

We've now been together so long I can start recycling all those cards I've given him throughout the years Did you know the average V-Day card is $7 now


Re: Valentine's Day Dinner!!! - farnfam - 02-08-2012

I was just thinking the same thing PJ. Still have one in the china cabinet, it's black and red and matches the kitchen so well, I've left it there for a few years now. I still really like it

Re: Valentine's Day Dinner!!! - Trixxee - 02-09-2012

Something relatively simple as it still is a school night for us with lots of homework. Maybe a grilled filet and a loaded baked potato?