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What's for Dinner, Sat. 2/4?? - cjs - 02-04-2012

What's every one having today?

Not sure yet, but I'm going to work in a milkshake sometime.....

Re: What's for Dinner, Sat. 2/4?? - Lorraine - 02-04-2012

We're doing a 50th Birthday Party for 90 tonight. Cheese display and lots of passed appetizers. And we'll be prepping for Brunch tomorrow morning. I think we'll graze through the day.

Re: What's for Dinner, Sat. 2/4?? - Trixxee - 02-04-2012

Asian lettuce wraps.

I should amend this to Thai chicken wraps. I'm already looking forward to them and it's only 9:50am.

Re: What's for Dinner, Sat. 2/4?? - BarbaraS - 02-04-2012

Slow-cooker pulled pork sammies.


Re: What's for Dinner, Sat. 2/4?? - karyn - 02-04-2012

Pasta with sausage, olives, and sun-dried tomatoes here. I'll probably do something with broccoli for a veggie.

Re: What's for Dinner, Sat. 2/4?? - losblanos1 - 02-04-2012

Yippee! My wife is cooking tonight. She's chosen Pan roasted pork chops with bourbon(brandy substitution) sauce and a side of Asparagus. Once again, it looks like everyone is eating well tonight.

Re: What's for Dinner, Sat. 2/4?? - Mare749 - 02-04-2012

We nibbled our way through Asia Foods this afternoon. They were giving out a lot of free samples, so tried some oddball apps. We purchased Banh Mi and had those for lunch, and also some Chinese red-cooked chicken legs that we brought home for snacking tonight. So, I'll probably just make a salad to have with that.

Re: What's for Dinner, Sat. 2/4?? - Harborwitch - 02-04-2012

It was a long wacky day today - close to 45 golfers on the course! If the restaurant had been open . . . . oh well.

Tonight is macaroni & cheese and broccoli on the side. I'm looking for easy, quick, and low mess. Tomorrow I'm going to be prepared for more people.

Re: What's for Dinner, Sat. 2/4?? - labradors - 02-04-2012

For lunch, I had the last of my leftovers of that dish I made the other day with chicken and butternut squash. After reheating it, I added a good shot of Shriracha and a knob of butter.

When I posted about this concoction on Thursday, I had said that it was delicious. Even so, I probably would not have made it again.

With the addition of the butter and Sriracha, it went from "delicious experiment" to "WOW! Now I'll HAVE to make this again, and I do still have another half of a butternut squash to use up..."

For dinner: Chicken Fried Steak.

Re: What's for Dinner, Sat. 2/4?? - Gourmet_Mom - 02-07-2012

I made the Classic Cannelonni Saturday. Is this the one we called Molto Manicotti a while back? I used the recipe from the Pasta book. It was really good, though....even if I did have to use store bought lasagna sheets. Homemade are so much more delicate and easier to fill and roll.