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A new project? - DFen911 - 03-30-2012

Ok so I am liking this. I think this will be my first project when we move since duck is easier to get in Oregon than down here.

Duck Prosciutto

Re: A new project? - cjs - 03-30-2012

Well, hurry up and get up here - I've only made it twice, but we sure liked it. Oh Denise, there are not going to be enough hours in the day for you and Derek!!!!!!

Re: A new project? - Harborwitch - 03-30-2012

Darn - duck is NOT easy to get here! I just found a source for pork bellies yesterday - without having to buy 30 lbs. at one time. Now I'm back on the search for duck and pork jowls.

Denise you guys are going to have so much fun!

Re: A new project? - Gourmet_Mom - 03-30-2012

I can only dream.

Retirement is on the horizon, though!