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Worst Cooks in America (Spoilers) - labradors - 04-02-2012

Don't read this if you haven't watched last-night's finale of The Worst Cooks in America, yet, and still wish to be surprised (if you even watch the show at all).

Whatever became of the [much more sensible] practice of pouring the water for a water bath (e.g. for cheesecake, crème brûlée, etc.) into the pan only after the pan is securely sitting on the oven rack, instead of doing it on the other side of the kitchen and having to perform a balancing act worthy of a circus performer to carry the whole thing over to the oven without causing the water bath to splash into the food?

Whatever happened, I guess Bobby Flay doesn't know about it, forgot about it, didn't care, or deliberately withheld that information to make the show more "interesting" (I seriously doubt that last one, but you never know).

On top of that, although risotto is the dish that has been the demise of more chefs (even pros) on more cooking shows than any others combined, Flay decided that that should be the side that Vinnie would serve with the squab marsala.

Of course, the title and premise of the show wouldn't exactly lend themselves to particularly high expectations (more like expectorations, actually), certain things DO stretch the limits of credibility.

Re: Worst Cooks in America (Spoilers) - esgunn - 04-02-2012

Labs, I was telling Steve the exact same thing regarding the waterbath! So frustrating. And I have only ever made Cremem Brule once. Even I know that!

Re: Worst Cooks in America (Spoilers) - Gourmet_Mom - 04-02-2012

I agree! He set poor Vinnie up to loose that battle.

Re: Worst Cooks in America (Spoilers) - BarbaraS - 04-02-2012

Seriously, I've tried to make Risotto a couple of times, but it comes out as mushy. What is the secret?

I stirred and stirred and stirred... is it heat or pan or what?


Re: Worst Cooks in America (Spoilers) - Harborwitch - 04-02-2012

Barbara I think it's the length of time, and lots of stirring! I've not had a problem with it.

Labs - that's funny. Bob and I were thinking the same thing - and then Vinnie gets them in the oven and covers them with foil . . . . hot water, a lid, condensation, dripping back into the food????? We had thought about Flay sabotaging Vinnie . . . .

Re: Worst Cooks in America (Spoilers) - cjs - 04-03-2012

Makes you wonder where Flay's head was or someone who should have known better.

Fun show. that hilarious little gal who said while ricing potatoes, "It's like having a baby, isn't it?" in her whiny little voice just had us in stitches.

Re: Worst Cooks in America (Spoilers) - Harborwitch - 04-03-2012

There were some incredible characters on this year. I actually stopped working to watch! Laughed our selves silly - these might actually have been the worst.

Re: Worst Cooks in America (Spoilers) - DFen911 - 04-03-2012

I was shocked that he had him do that. And you know he's getting a lot of flack for it on the various FoodNetwork boards.

I was also surprised that Ann had Kelli do a steak when she's never cooked one before. And gotta say, her presentation was scary to me. A giant slab of dark meat on a dark board.