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Veal Parm Dilemma - BarbaraS - 04-06-2012

Hey All,

I bought some veal cutlets at Wegmans and they are thin, thin, thin. Bless their hearts, they always vacuum seal their meats and stuff. I want to make veal parm for Sunday, but given that the cutlets are thin enough already, how do I not over cook them when trying to get the mozzarella to melt?

My technique would be to bread them, flash fry them, then cover them with sauce and mozz slices to melt in the oven on high heat.

Should I save them for a sauce dish and go out and find thicker cutlets?

What's your technique for veal parm?


Re: Veal Parm Dilemma - cjs - 04-06-2012

You might try this - have your skillet pretty hot and add your breaded cutlets; brown nicely on one side, turn over top with you mozz. and immediately stick in a preheated oven. You should be able to cook them thru without overcooking.

Re: Veal Parm Dilemma - Mare749 - 04-06-2012

That sounds like a good plan, Jean. Sorry I couldn't help, Barbara. That's one of those dishes my mom cooked, but I haven't made it in years, although I do order it out once in a while. Let us know how it turned out.

Re: Veal Parm Dilemma - DFen911 - 04-06-2012

Maybe a mozzeralla cream sauce instead?