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An Egg Day - Lorraine - 04-07-2012

We can only prep for about 2 hours today. My job is the Devilled eggs. I get to split 12 dozen of them, and make the filling so I can stuff them at 6am tomorrow. Last year I only cut 8 dozen, and held 4 dozen in reserve in case I needed them. Ha! By noon I was cutting more of them!This year, I'm just going to cut them all!

Re: An Egg Day - cjs - 04-07-2012

That is one job I do not miss about catering - my thumbs were always bleeding by the time I was done with the darn eggs. good luck, Lorraine!!

Re: An Egg Day - Mare749 - 04-07-2012

Let's hope a lot of people turn out for brunch tomorrow. Have a great Easter, Lorraine!

Re: An Egg Day - Gourmet_Mom - 04-07-2012

WOW! That's a lot of eggs!

Re: An Egg Day - labradors - 04-07-2012


WOW! That's a lot of eggs!

Yeah. You could stage a remake of Cool Hand Luke.

Re: An Egg Day - Lorraine - 04-08-2012

Eggs are all done. I managed to get thru the day without cutting myself. Until I started on the flower arrangements.

Re: An Egg Day - cjs - 04-08-2012

The egg shells themselves are what cut me - man, I hated those little suckers.

Re: An Egg Day - iBcookin - 04-08-2012

How many reservations did you have Lorraine? Don't know what we did wrong this year - only had 30 reservations. Last year we had 200 people. The only thing I can think of that we did differently was the advertising - last year I advertised the Easter and Mother's Day buffets. This year I emphasized the golf, memberships, tournaments, banquet room, and ended up with the Easter Dinner. I think it got lost in the mix. A lesson learned!

I was laughing as I read her comments about the eggs. We did the same last year. People inhale those darn things - I think it is because nobody makes deviled eggs anymore!

Re: An Egg Day - cjs - 04-08-2012

"because nobody makes deviled eggs anymore!" - and yet, ding-a-ling keeps adding deviled egg recipes to her cookbooks........

That's interesting, Linda about the advertising. So, what's on your menu for today???

Re: An Egg Day - Lorraine - 04-09-2012

We only had about 40 reservations, but lots of walk ins (why would a 12 top just walk in???). It was kind of a day from hell. Our FOH MGR was to be there at 8am to set up, along with her son (dish pit), and her Mom to help me prep easy stuff, fill dessert platters, etc. They never showed up (at $20.00/hr plus tips, one would think she'd want to be there!!!). After I recovered from my meltdown, I got into high gear, and got everything done other than 2 desserts that had to be made last minute. Luckily, the other staff all stepped up to the plate, and Gil was out at the Carving Station, so he kept an eye on the buffet. This is not the first time she has done this, so needless to say, she will not be working for us anymore. By the time we got home, I was actually too tired to eat.