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My Winter Projects..... - cjs - 04-12-2012

Last fall, I promised myself I would work on making marshmallows and cheese this past winter...........never did. But today, I did make Mozzarella cheese and it just tastes so good. I've made it a couple of times, but I keep forgetting how much better homemade is.
[Image: HomemadeMozz.jpg]

so, now that I've started, it is onward and upward for more cheese!!

tomorrow will be a mushroom, crab, gouda and mozz pizza!!!

Now, on to the marshmallows.

Re: My Winter Projects..... - farnfam - 04-12-2012

I have yet to try this or ricotta. Keep reminding me, I really need to do it. I just usually replace it in a recipe with Gorgonzola or something because it always just tastes like nothing to me

Re: My Winter Projects..... - cjs - 04-12-2012

45 minutes start to finish, Cis - work in your schedule. You won't be sorry!

Re: My Winter Projects..... - cjs - 04-12-2012

And then, rice cooked in the Mozzarella Whey - so creamy wonderful!!!
[Image: RiceCookedinMozzwheyApr12.jpg]

Re: My Winter Projects..... - iBcookin - 04-13-2012

Well, geez, cooking the rice in the leftovers would never have occurred to me - you are so clever! I always wanted to try my hand at cheese making - it's not like I don't have access to fresh milk from the farms around here.

Could i make fresh mozz and serve it in the restaurant? Anyone know?

Re: My Winter Projects..... - cjs - 04-13-2012

Good question, Linda - don't see why not. We can cure meat, make sauces, etc. I would say it's the same. Anyone know for sure?

Re: My Winter Projects..... - Lorraine - 04-13-2012

Don't know for sure, but I saw it being done on Restaurant Impossible. I would think that as long as it is made on the premises it would be ok. I lent my cheese making book to a friend, and realized he never returned it. Thanks for the reminder, Jean!

Re: My Winter Projects..... - Harborwitch - 04-13-2012

Beautiful Cheese Jean! - Did you use curds or go from scratch? I love the idea with the rice.

I was told yesterday that the pepper jelly I made at the restaurant can not be used - because no homemade pickles, jams, jellies, etc. can be served in a restaurant. I'm going to research this. Seems off kilter. I know lots of restaurants cure their own meats, make their own cheeses (not usually aged), and their own preserves. Maybe WA law is different.

Re: My Winter Projects..... - cjs - 04-13-2012

Made from scratch. WA does have some peculiar laws, I'll ask around here, also.

Re: My Winter Projects..... - esgunn - 04-13-2012

I have seen cheese making everywhere in the last few days! Pinterest has had ricotta and mozzarella . Also the Williams Sonoma catalogue had cheese making kits, and a seed sprouted for sprouts!

You all are what is happening!