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Meatball - mjkcooking - 04-15-2012

I am helping cook in a international dinner Somehow I ended up
assigned to cook the meatballs - I would like to bake them instead of
frying. Would this make a big difference?

Re: Meatball - BarbaraS - 04-15-2012

Not at all -- I always bake mine, less messier than frying. I do mine for 30 minutes at 375.


Re: Meatball - labradors - 04-15-2012

When I worked for a caterer, I learned two tricks about meatballs.

First, use a portion (i.e. "ice-cream") scoop of the desired size for fast, consistent meatballs that take a lot less time to form than doing messy hand rolling. When you drop the meatballs onto the baking sheet, DON'T worry if they seem a little loose, since they will firm up when cooked.

Second, DO crowd them together, since they don't really need ANY space between them and they'll separate easily after cooking.

This is SO much better than messy hands and spattering, low-capacity frying pans.

Re: Meatball - cjs - 04-15-2012

I've been baking mine also, Marye - much healthier and much easier! So, what ethnic meatballs are you making????

Re: Meatball - Lorraine - 04-15-2012

I bake mine also, the scoops work great, as does lining the pans with parchment. Easy cleanup.

Re: Meatball - Trixxee - 04-15-2012

We bake as well.

Re: Meatball - mjkcooking - 04-15-2012

Thanks or info - I will bake them - I like the idea of the scoop for the meatball too.

Jean - the dinner will have Japanese, philippino, greek and italian and some
polish pergioes,

Should be a fun time. - I got assigned to the Italian meatball sandwiches