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'Nuff Said....... - cjs - 04-15-2012

[Image: RibsCornOnion-Ryeand7DeadlyZin.jpg]

I'v even changing my annual (for more years than you want to hear about....) T-bone, fruit platter w/wine/pear reduction and shaved Parmesan and garlic bread to this dinner OMG, it was so good.

Gotta get back to Lode, it was fun, wasnt' it, Sharon??

(I was going to edit this, but then I thought what the heck - after an entire bottle of 7 Deadly Zins - this is how I spell.)

Re: 'Nuff Said....... - Old Bay - 04-15-2012

O my!

Re: 'Nuff Said....... - Harborwitch - 04-15-2012

Oh Jean!!!! Temptation!

I think the only one of these we haven't tried is the 7 Deadly Chardonnay. Sigh! I may need to rummage in the wine cooler - perhaps an Abundance, or perhaps a can of diet coke. . .

Re: 'Nuff Said....... - Lorraine - 04-16-2012

Looks great!!