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Cuisine at Home Recipes - cjs - 06-02-2012

I've been kind of feeling my neck since Blane came on board and we see how often he makes use of C@H recipes.

So, today is the day that I catagorize my Jan --> June 2012 recipes in a separate binder. AND, I'm happy to say I have made 27 recipes since Jan. 1st. Whew, I don't feel so bad now......

Keep on keepin on, Blane!!

Re: Cuisine at Home Recipes - Gourmet_Mom - 06-02-2012

I know I couldn't hold a candle. But come summer...WATCH OUT!

Re: Cuisine at Home Recipes - Trixxee - 06-02-2012

Blane has spurred me on to make more C@H recipes too. I might even subscribe to the magazine again. I didn't renew last time.

Re: Cuisine at Home Recipes - Cubangirl - 06-02-2012

I too have gone back and reviewed issues and found recipes I wanted to make. My problem is that C@H is the only cooking magazine I know that does not offer the recipes online. To me it is a pita. Most of the recipes are not copied to my Living Cookbook, thus they don't show when I am looking for something to make.

I did a 2 year subscription last time, but unless it moves into the 21st century, I'll probably not renew. Sad, because it has always been my # 1 or 2 magazine (the other being Cooks), beating #3 Fine cooking consistently.

Re: Cuisine at Home Recipes - Harborwitch - 06-02-2012


I know I couldn't hold a candle. But come summer...WATCH OUT!

Come winter ...

I brought the cookbooks with me, and I have whatever issues we've gotten since we left ND. The rest of mine are in storage - so if it's not in one of the sources I have available I have to hope that someone posts it.

Re: Cuisine at Home Recipes - losblanos1 - 06-03-2012

I find that the Cuisine recipes are delicious, easy to make and healthy. I've been able to keep my weight exactly where it was 2 1/2 years ago when I went on a diet and lost 70+ lbs.

So Jean, I will "Keep on Keeping on". Thank you!

Plus, I've got too much invested in Cuisine to turn back now.

[Image: Cookbooks.jpg]

Re: Cuisine at Home Recipes - cjs - 06-03-2012

Looks like my bookshelf..... good for you on the weight loss!!

Re: Cuisine at Home Recipes - Mare749 - 06-03-2012

I've been thinking the same thing as some of the others, Blane. Since you joined the forum, I am cooking a lot more from Cuisine than I was for a while, and I think that's because of your reviews and photos. I agree that the recipes are delicious, but I sure can't imagine how you lost weight using them. Quite often, the calorie counts are very high.

You must be extremely disciplined about portion control. In any case, congratulations on your weight loss and especially for keeping it off!

Re: Cuisine at Home Recipes - Gourmet_Mom - 06-03-2012

Well done on the weight loss, Blane! But I have to agree with Maryann on the calorie count sometimes. But I do plan to cook more from the magazine this summer. AND I hope to purchase more of the annual editions this summer.