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Top Chef Masters - 7/2012 SPOILER!!! - Cubangirl - 07-25-2012

Hi, just a reminder that the new Top Chef Masters starts tonight on Bravo 7:00 EST and 10:00 PST.
Below is a list of the chefs:

Krista Simmons Judge Read Bio
Francis Lam Judge Read Bio
Patricia Yeo Contestant Read Bio
Takashi Yagihashi Contestant Read Bio
Art Smith Contestant Read Bio
Sue Torres Contestant Read Bio
Thierry Rautureau Contestant Read Bio
Missy Robbins Contestant Read Bio
Kerry Heffernan Contestant Read Bio
Debbie Gold Contestant Read Bio
Lorena Garcia Contestant Read Bio
Mark Gaier Contestant Read Bio
Clark Frasier Contestant Read Bio
Chris Cosentino Contestant Read Bio
Ruth Reichl Judge Read Bio
Curtis Stone Host Read Bio
James Oseland Judge Read Bio

Re: Top Chef Masters - cjs - 07-25-2012

Takashi Yagihashi - ate in his restaurant in Detroit!! Oh My!!

And, we're all programed to tape it!!

Re: Top Chef Masters - labradors - 07-25-2012

Shall watch the recording later.

Takashi Yagihashi was also on Iron Chef America and lost to Michael Symon by two points.

Those who have signed up at Plate Online can read his article on what the Iron Chef experience was like. (Registration is free and it IS a site worth visiting.

Re: Top Chef Masters - cjs - 07-26-2012

I hadn't seen that article, Labs, thanks. So, they do have a hint (from 3) of what the mystery ingredient will be. Interesting.

Must have been a fun evening when he treated his guests to the show and the 'mystery' ingredient for dinner.

Re: Top Chef Masters - DFen911 - 07-26-2012

Ok...this is what I posted on FB about it. Needless to say it's no longer on my DVR to record list.

Just watched Top Chef Masters...not impressed at all. These are chefs who are suppose to be at the very top of their game. They cook under pressure every day, and right out of the gate we have one who cuts herself very severely, chefs who have no clue how to season, bickering like a bad episode of Hell's Kitchen...based on tonight's performance I wouldn't go to any of their restaurants. They are a walking advertisement to their craft - epic fail.

Re: Top Chef Masters - Cubangirl - 07-26-2012

I agree that his crop of chefs was underwhelming. But there are a couple that I think might bear watching, so I am keeping it on, but will not be a priority. I am an Olympics junkie anyway, so for the next 2 weeks, I will put everything else on hold and watch that. I expect to spend from now till Friday watching all the shows I missed while DD and the grandkids were here so I can clear the DVR space. So anything that repeats often like Chopped, will go if needed. Even though we have about 500 hours of space, it can fill up pretty quickly since we have about 50% capacity in each filled at the moment.

Re: Top Chef Masters - labradors - 07-26-2012

Neither Art (who made the dish) nor Curtis Stone could even get Tres Leches correct (in spelling or pronunciation). They said (and had on the screen) "Tre," instead of "Tres." Ridiculous.