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Going to Have Fun Tomorrow!! - cjs - 08-08-2012

[Image: 2011-11-16152437.jpg]

I'm working on a bean salad and including several variations on the basic. The above are the ingredients for 15 dressing/vinaigrettes I'll be working with tomorrow. won't make them all probably, some are pretty similar, but we'll see how far I get. should be interesting.


And, just a bit of trivia I just recently read - does anyone know the previous name for Orange Roughy?????????
Pacific Slimehead......... no wonder the name was changed.

Re: Going to Have Fun Tomorrow!! - Old Bay - 08-08-2012

I cheated--slimehead!!!
Chialian Sea Bass was originally Patagonian Toothfish!!!

If you can find fresh epazote, try it in your salad. Dried is ok in the dressing--great flavor and helps control flatulence- , , , ,

Re: Going to Have Fun Tomorrow!! - Mare749 - 08-08-2012

Jean, what do you do with your experiments? Sure would love to be one of your neighbors!

Your project sounds very interesting. I see toasted sesame seed oil, and probably olive oil. Just wondering if you are using any other flavored oils like grapeseed, walnut, or truffle oil?

Re: Going to Have Fun Tomorrow!! - Harborwitch - 08-08-2012

I love epazote! I didn't grow fresh this year. But I am growing culantro.

Jean that looks like a ton of fun. Wish we were closer. I suddenly crave a bean salad!

Re: Going to Have Fun Tomorrow!! - Cubangirl - 08-08-2012

Maryann, I have never found a distinctive flavor in grapeseed oil. I use it along with sunflower for my popcorn everyday. I've used Spectrum and mostly Trader Joe's. I've seen it in several Asian recipes in combo with toasted sesame oil, the grapeseed being the "neutral" oil, e.g. the Bo Ssan sauces.

Somewhat related, while cruising the Serious Eats site, one of the 5 homemade things you should always have on hand was a vinaigrette. Kenji recommended mixing it in a plastic bottle and using a Sharpie to put the markings for the oil, vinegar, soy, etc. right on the plastic bottle. Then you don't have to dirty a measuring cup. I thought it was a neat idea.

Re: Going to Have Fun Tomorrow!! - Gourmet_Mom - 08-08-2012

That is a cool idea, Alina! Thanks! More bottles for my favorites needed.

Jean, that looks like an exciting project! Like Maryann, I wish I was closer! It would be so fun to play together! Vinaigrettes, rubs, and sauces are so much fun. Doughs would be my second favorite. Retirement can't get here fast enough!

Re: Going to Have Fun Tomorrow!! - cjs - 08-09-2012

Maryann, since this experiment is for the pantry book, I'm trying to keep things as simple (read everyone has on hand) as I can, so I'll probably switch between just olive and vege oils.

but, some promising ones will probably be jazzed up for the 200 series.

I remember growing epazote in the barn...number of years ago and I did like it.

Re: Going to Have Fun Tomorrow!! - cjs - 08-09-2012

Maryann, the good ones go to neighbors, but with salad dressings I'll probably keep them for us. I made small batches of each of the 12 (3 were so similar, I eliminated them).
[Image: TestingDressingsforBeanSaladAugl9.jpg]

Whew, that's done and it really was fun. I've not done it like this before. I made a batch of the salad and divided into 8 small dishes (I'll do another batch to test the other 4 dressing Fri or Sat) and dressed each with a little of 8 of the dressings. The result;

Rating of 9 - 2
Rating of 8 - 1
Rating of 7 - 2
Rating of 6 - 1
Rating of 5 - 1
Rating of 0 - 1

After we test the other 4, hopefully I'll have one more 9 and I can do the Bean Salad with 4 variations.

It's only 1:15, but I'm taking these old bones, my book and a glass(es) of wine to the deck.

Re: Going to Have Fun Tomorrow!! - Gourmet_Mom - 08-09-2012

But I bet it was fun! This is for the Pantry Book? That or pizza is next? I'm getting confused?

Re: Going to Have Fun Tomorrow!! - Old Bay - 08-09-2012

My kind of day!!! I could watch,eat samples, and drink wine all day long at your house--- -burp?!