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Pizza Bread - cjs - 08-21-2012

The other day we had lunch with our nephew and his wife from Colorado (really had a great time) and since they, especially Davie, are great and adventurous cooks, we talked food! One idea he mentioned was making pizza bread – 1 layer of very (~1/32”) thin dough topped with goat cheese; then another layer of dough topped with herbs and Parmesan.

Played with this yesterday and while it was really tasty, I’m going to have to call him and see how he handles the top dough layer – what a pain in the butt to place it over. But, my first problem was the only pizza dough I have in the freezer is the ‘unmanageable’ Neapolitan dough.

I really didn't get the edges thin enough - here with the first layer and goat cheese
[Image: DaviesPizzaBreadAug20.jpg]

then topped with the 2nd layer of dough and herbs(basil, mint, oregano, rosemary), and the Parm
[Image: DaviesPizzaBread2.jpg]

Puffed up more than I'd wanted (even with docking)
[Image: DaviesPizzaBread4.jpg]

Drizzled with a little reduced Balsamic
[Image: DaviesPizzaBread6.jpg]

[Image: DaviesPizzaBread5.jpg]

Overall, I'd like to play with this more - I think it would be great with a bowl of Minestrone on a cold wintry night. And maybe, yes Daphne, some pine nuts added to the first layer??????

Re: Pizza Bread - luvnit - 08-21-2012

Wow! That looks really, really yummy! You are right, great for soup dipping. Why is the Neapolitan dough 'unmanageable'?

Re: Pizza Bread - cjs - 08-21-2012

Laura, it is one of the softest doughs I've ever made.

Re: Pizza Bread - luvnit - 08-21-2012

Ohhh... Well it looks just beautiful.

Re: Pizza Bread - Mare749 - 08-21-2012

It really does. Now I want to try that. Jean, do you think that it makes that much difference that you used two thin pieces of dough? How is it different than if you had just put everything on one slightly thicker round of dough?

Re: Pizza Bread - cjs - 08-21-2012

I only tried this because our nephew mentioned this is how he did it. I must admit it's kind of a conversation starter - you don't expect the cheesy flavor when you bite into it - SURPRISE!

It could be done any way in the world.

Re: Pizza Bread - Mare749 - 08-21-2012

Jean, do you think you will continue to use the Neopolitan pizza dough for this? After making the Neo dough, I don't think I ever want to make anything else!

Re: Pizza Bread - cjs - 08-21-2012

No, I'll continue using it for pizza, but I need a sturdier dough - I'll try with my old standby, Herb dough. It can do anything!!

I think what I like the best about this idea is the surprise you can pull off with whatever cheese or ??? you put on the first layer that isn't seen. I like that.

Re: Pizza Bread - Gourmet_Mom - 08-21-2012

Jean, it's scary! You read my mind....LOL! I will most assuredly be putting pine nuts on mine. And yes, the herb dough can do ANYTHING! It's Super Dough!

Re: Pizza Bread - cjs - 08-21-2012

Yes, it is're wierd.