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Just discovered? - Harborwitch - 08-23-2012

Jean - I was wondering if we could have a sticky for new products, gadgets, and stuff we find - kind of a share and review?

I've found a few things in the last couple months that are just fantastic. Anyone else???

Re: Just discovered? - Mare749 - 08-23-2012

Oh, I love gadgets, so am all for it!

Re: Just discovered? - Gourmet_Mom - 08-23-2012

Me too! I LOVE gadgets!

Re: Just discovered? - mjkcooking - 08-23-2012

I think thats great Idea ! I love new toys.

Re: Just discovered? - Cubangirl - 08-24-2012

So those new gadgets are???

I love Gadgets, but try really hard to channel Alton Brown when looking at them. Otherwise, I'd have to give up all the food, so I can store the gadgets. My favorite thing is to repurpose supposed uni-taskers. e.g.. using a mashed potato ricer to strain tomato soup, or a potato masher to separate ground beef.

Re: Just discovered? - farnfam - 08-24-2012

So, Sharon what were those new things you found?

Re: Just discovered? - cjs - 08-24-2012

O.K. I guess we should also throw in some of the hints/ideas from C@H magazines also, huh?

Re: Just discovered? - Harborwitch - 08-24-2012

Sounds good!
Thank you Jean.