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Hey! Labor Day is Coming!!! - cjs - 08-30-2012

darn, do you all realize summer is all but over (and still I only have had one roma tomato!). Labor Day weekend is this weekend.

Any Plans????

Our only plans are to not get on the roads at all!!! I would love to grill some ribs, and maybe potato salad or baked beans.... just a traditional kind of dinnner. No one coming around, so it will be just us. Anybody???

Re: Hey! Labor Day is Coming!!! - Mare749 - 08-30-2012

We're suppose to go out to the kid's campground on Saturday, so we'll either have a cookout or go to one of the wineries to eat, if no one feels like cooking. On Sunday, if the weather holds out, we may go to the air show down on the lakeshore. (Lake Erie) The Blue Angels always put on a good show and it's kind of a Labor Day tradition.

Re: Hey! Labor Day is Coming!!! - BarbaraS - 08-30-2012

What wood chips would anyone recommend to smoke ribs in? I'mm thinking about making that St Louis Bourbon BBQ sauce...


Re: Hey! Labor Day is Coming!!! - cjs - 08-30-2012

My favorite wood when smoking pork (anything) is apple, but you can use Hickory (probably 2nd favorite) or Cherry.

Re: Hey! Labor Day is Coming!!! - Trixxee - 08-30-2012

Nothing set in stone. Possibly another beach day (even though the weather will be exactly the same for several weekends and very few people will be at the beach after Labor Day). I'm gathering that I only have one more beach trip in Tony so I'm leaning towards next weekend for that. Imagine going to one of the prettiest beaches in So. Cal. and there are only 20 other people there.

I do have some ribs in the freezer I want to grill and some grilled chicken sandwiches from [Email]C@H[/Email] and that's it so far.

Probably RedBox a few movies too.

Re: Hey! Labor Day is Coming!!! - Gourmet_Mom - 08-30-2012

We have no big plans. It will be just us unless the neighbors decide to do a cook out. Pay Day is tomorrow and a trip to the city is in the works for Saturday. While ribs sound good, if I can get my hands on some GOOD salmon, that will be it. I am dying to make the orange glazed salmon with the marmalade Shannon sent me for Christmas!

Re: Hey! Labor Day is Coming!!! - Lorraine - 08-31-2012

We're working all weekend, so I doubt we will probably eat leftovers. We have family coming tomorrow (we did their wedding last year in Maryland, they are coming here for their 1st anniversary). Hope to get a little time to visit with them!

Re: Hey! Labor Day is Coming!!! - iBcookin - 09-01-2012

Tee times and more tee times, hopefully! We will be deader than a door nail next week cause we are punching the greens and that is the kiss of death for golf. Still have about 5 tournaments left on the books for the month of September, so still in planning mode. Lord, November can't come too soon!

Re: Hey! Labor Day is Coming!!! - cjs - 09-01-2012

Well, our little menu is pretty well set. Picked up some ribs (been craving for a couple of months) - now to decide between our favoritest method. I made a copy of the BLT Pasta salad you all have been talking of and realized I have everything for it, so added that to the menu.

Also, playing with a take-off of Batali's pizza dough (seems like a nice sturdy one) so maybe try the pizza flat bread of my nephews again.

Well, heck might as well test the pineapple crisp/blackberry coulee idea out also. Geez, looks like a whole day of grazing................

Re: Hey! Labor Day is Coming!!! - Gourmet_Mom - 09-01-2012

I may weaken and do ribs, but for now I'm planning to try to stick to my resolution to try more new recipes. My menu for this week is saved to my iPad AND my school laptop with the shopping list. Groceries will be purchased tomorrow. So I will be locked in.

All that being said, we will be having the Peppercorn Burgers with Remoulade Sauce and the Red Potato Salad with Bacon and Blue Cheese. These are from the Fast and Fresh Book.