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White chocolate - labradors - 09-06-2012

Something I've considered trying for quite a while, but haven't, since the local price is twice the $9 that it would be in the States. Well, it was on special, two for the price of one, yesterday, so I finally bought it. YUMMY!

Re: White chocolate - cjs - 09-06-2012

Labs, you know the saying, "Don't spend it all in one place"???????? Have fun.

Re: White chocolate - Gourmet_Mom - 09-06-2012

That looks really good! I've not seen it. Let us know what you do with it!

Re: White chocolate - labradors - 09-06-2012

Bet it would be a great addition to a Tres Leches cake!

Considering how great White Chocolate Banana Cream Pies always are, I imagine this would make a great variation on Bananas Foster.