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How To Store a Cut Avocado? - BarbaraS - 10-09-2012

Hey All,

I bought 2 avocados - the large green kind, not the Haas, and used only half of the first one. I remember they go terribly brown in the open air, but can't remember how to store them in the fridge.

BTW, if anyone wants the seeds, I'll clean them off and pack them. I have 6 plants from the Domincan Republic that are woody and in sizes ranging from 4' to 8'. Won't get any fruit off them, but they've been going for a a couple decades.


Re: How To Store a Cut Avocado? - Old Bay - 10-09-2012

Barbara, I only used those large avocados once, I like the Haas much better. I don't know why you couldn't cut them into pieces, drizzle with lime juice, add the seed, store in a bowl under plastic wrap. Or add ascorbic acid (Vit. C) if you don't like limes or lemons.

Re: How To Store a Cut Avocado? - BarbaraS - 10-09-2012

Cool Bill! I will crush up some Vit C's.

[edit to add]Bill, have you ever seen an avocado the size of a football? My Mom grew two trees at the house in the Dominican Republic that produced such monsters. I still have the plants from those seeds - 25 years ago. I even have some miniature specialty Palms I grew from seeds I brought back in (illegally, but Customs never caught me). I germinated them from seeds. I got nine to germinate from a bunch, and had all kinds of "friends" to take them off my hands - and they killed them all! Never again!! I have the only two remaining. My babies. I can't believe how tall the avocados got this summer! I need to graft the top growth!


Re: How To Store a Cut Avocado? - Old Bay - 10-09-2012

It is water soluable so dissolve in a few Tbs of water and stir it into the avocado.

Edited to add---No I've never seen any avocado larger than a miniature football!! They may really taste good!! I'll bet the trees are incredible--and they survive in Pa.?

Re: How To Store a Cut Avocado? - BarbaraS - 10-09-2012


I have them all potted and put them out in the summer and take them in when the weather turns - like last weekend, 70's last week, 40's this weekend.

All the Palms and the avocados have survived for two decades. I even have a "Burros Tail" (sedum morganianum) and a "Spider Plant" (chlorophytum comosum)or (variegata) that have survived for 3 decades, even longer, in my care.

If anyone wants to read up to take better care of their plants, indoors more than outdoors, I highly recomend Reader's Digest's "Successs With House Plants".

I drive the Hubby crazy with the Latin names. Love it. Great Book, too.


Re: How To Store a Cut Avocado? - Old Bay - 10-09-2012

I visualize a miniture forklift!!! You must have the ultimate green thumb and intuition!! Congratulations!!! Is there a Nobel prize in botany? Darwin would have been proud--a lead in getting control of evolution after global warming--no kidding--this could be a portent for Wisconsin to increase the growing season!!

Re: How To Store a Cut Avocado? - labradors - 10-09-2012

The avocados that grow around here are the larger ones, but I do prefer the Hass.

Re: How To Store a Cut Avocado? - Mare749 - 10-09-2012

I prefer the Haas too. Since we are on the subject of avocados, can anyone tell me if you have to toss out guacamole that has oxidized around the edges? I'm very careful to sprinkle lemon or lime on the top and cover tightly with plastic wrap, but sometimes it happens anyway. I always scrape it off and throw it away because it looks so unappetizing. But, do I need to throw out the whole bowl?

Re: How To Store a Cut Avocado? - Old Bay - 10-09-2012

A lot of my enjoyment of food is visual so I toss avocados when thy turn black--I don't care about the taste.

Re: How To Store a Cut Avocado? - farnfam - 10-09-2012

Mare, unappetizing as they look, I have eaten them like that and lived.