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Next Leg - Morro Bay, CA - cjs - 12-02-2012

I just love coming to Morro Bay, there is something about the Morro rock that just mezmerizes me.

This was taken sitting on the veranda of the fish shack in the rain, just eating to our heart's content. So good!!
[Image: MorroRockintheRain.jpg]

Roy ready to dig in to his fried oyster basket
[Image: RoyattheFishShackMorroBay.jpg]

and my combo fish basket - cod, prawns, scallops and calamari!!!
[Image: MixedSeafoodbasket.jpg]

Here are the protectors of the fish shack and waiting patiently for the fishmen to come back in.
[Image: PelicanatMorroBayDes22012.jpg]

[Image: Peliganlookingforfood.jpg]

[Image: Peliganreadytobefed.jpg]

Fun day and hit two of our favorite wineries in Paso Robles - Tobin James and Opolo and stocked up a little more. The weather is supposed to start clearing up tomorrow, so we'll probably just enjoy the sunshine!!

Oh, and dinner tonight - fresh crab, seaweed salad, last of the 18 hour bread (garlicked).

Re: Next Leg - Morro Bay, CA - Trixxee - 12-02-2012

Very nice! You guys order everything that I would! Hey, and nice size glasses of wine!

Re: Next Leg - Morro Bay, CA - Gourmet_Mom - 12-02-2012

Cool place! I love those shack type places!

Re: Next Leg - Morro Bay, CA - Old Bay - 12-02-2012

I would eat either basket Bro!!!

Re: Next Leg - Morro Bay, CA - luvnit - 12-02-2012

I just showed Brad these pics and we both agreed... When we grow up, we want to be Roy and Jean!!!

Re: Next Leg - Morro Bay, CA - Harborwitch - 12-03-2012

I love Morro Bay! That food looks incredible. MMMMMM If you get a chance - Eberle is a fantastic winery!

Re: Next Leg - Morro Bay, CA - labradors - 12-03-2012

The rock IS interesting, but the boat in the foreground really makes that an even better picture. How cool!

Love pelicans, too - especially watching them dive out of the sky, into the ocean, for fish.

Re: Next Leg - Morro Bay, CA - Old Bay - 12-03-2012

It looks like you are in the middle of, just leaving, or driving into some flooding--really bad--are you ok? Your little extended family would like to know.

Re: Next Leg - Morro Bay, CA - Roxanne 21 - 12-03-2012

How much fun is that----interesting rock indeed! What a cute, quaint setting.....and the food looks scrumptious.

Re: Next Leg - Morro Bay, CA - Mare749 - 12-03-2012

That rock really is fascinating and the food looks even better! Yum! Love your pics, Jean. Please keep posting them.