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I Need Help With My Butt! - BarbaraS - 12-10-2012

Okay, I need help with my Boston Butt. No need for cute-azz remarks here.

Okay, so you all read how I finally picked up a 9 lb Boston Butt from BJ's. I have never cooked this piece of pork before. It's for my site's All-Day Christmas party on the 20th.

When I got it, I re-wrapped the butt some more and put it in the freezer. I know, I know, I should have cut it up into more manageable pieces, but I didn't. Lesson #1 learned.

So my Q's are:

1. I want to cook it this weekend. How far in advance should I take it out of the freezer to thaw in the fridge?

2. Is it okay to cook this Pulled Pork this weekend and will it be okay to keep it in the fridge for the following Thursday (Dec 20th). I would hate to be labeled as a HazMat cook for South Jersey.

3. I normally do my pulled pork - a different cut than a BB in the Slow Cooker. A buddy I turned onto this piece of meat at BJ's did one last weekend in his Brickman charcoal smoker and raved about it. He told me that I could probably start it in our smoker and then finish it in the slow cooker with sauce, onions, and garlic, which I normally slow-cook a pulled pork with.

Oh yea Cookers of large amounts of peeps, large amounts of meats, and forward days of preparedness, please give me some advice!

Lesson learned, cut the butt into smaller pieces BEFORE freezing!

Also, I could thaw the meat before hand, cut it all up, and slow-cook every night before the party. Should I be doing that instead?




Re: I Need Help With My Butt! - Harborwitch - 12-10-2012

First question - do you have a smoker?

I'd take it out of the freezer like tomorrow. Let it thaw in the fridge, rub it down and let it sit at least 12 hours, 24 is better.

We usually do about 11 lbs at a time (or two 11 pounders at a time). They cook low and slow (about 225) until they reach 190. I guess you could use a combination - like our slow cooker has a probe so we could take it out of the smoker and plop it in the slow cooker until done? We pull dry and then sauce with Carolina Red sauce from Smoke & Spice. Are you now totally confused???

Re: I Need Help With My Butt! - Old Bay - 12-11-2012

Like Sharon says--DON'T CUT IT UP!!. Cook whole anyway you want, low and slow!! Overcook it!! Pull it apart. Mix a sauce--equal parts vinegar, yellow mustard,and ketchup--adust as you like--mix with pork. Delicious!!!

Re: I Need Help With My Butt! - BarbaraS - 12-11-2012

Well the reason why I was going to cut it up was so that I could throw some into the slow cooker with sauce and onions and garlic and meld the flavors. But I guess I can do that after we smoke it.

And if I smoke it this weekend, will it refrigerate well until Thursday?


Re: I Need Help With My Butt! - cjs - 12-11-2012

My 2 cents - yes, you can smoke/roast this on Sunday, the 16th for service on Thursday, the 20th. BUT, please keep in mind that is the 4th day (after cooking), so if you have any leftovers DO NOT give them to other folks to take home with them. Most won't eat right away and the combination of it being out of refrigeration for your party and too many days cooked, it could be dangerous.

From there, I'd agree with the others - smoke it with a rub, then slow-roast it with goodies if you want to add things other than a sauce.

Hope others will weigh in on this part - if it were me, I'd smoke it for 3 hours, no more, then slow-cook it. Longer smoking just makes it overwhelmingly smoked, to me. But, other do them longer, so you have to decide.

Re: I Need Help With My Butt! - BarbaraS - 12-11-2012


I was going to refrigerate it until Thursday, then throw it back into the slow cooker to heat it up for the party. Is this a no=no?


Re: I Need Help With My Butt! - cjs - 12-11-2012

No, that's a fine way to do it, but it will be out of refrigeration ___ ? hours on Thursday, is what I meant.

Re: I Need Help With My Butt! - BarbaraS - 12-11-2012

On Thursday morning I plan to put a bunch in the Slow Cooker on Low, then run home around 11 am and bring the Slow Cooker in.


Re: I Need Help With My Butt! - esgunn - 12-11-2012


We dry rub overnight. Sometimes we inject also. Let sit out to come to get the chill off while warming the smoker. We also only smoke for 3 hours at 250. We don't like heavy smoke flavor. It is just right for us. Then continue cooking another 6 hours. in an aluminum foil pan with some apple juice and covered with foil for 6 hours. Until an internal temp of 200 - 203. Depending on the roast it is 9 - 11 hours total.

I would think after the 3 hour mark, you could cook in your oven or just cook in the whole time. 225 to 250, in a pan with your goodies covered in foil. Either way, it is much easier to pull when warm. I have prepped ahead before, and you need to pull the first day. Then just warm in juices or sauce depending on your tastes while re-warming. I like mustard sauce, the kids like regular BBQ so we only sauce individually. I rewarm in juices or if I don't have enough a little broth or apple juice, apple cider vinegar and a little brown sugar. Or reheat with your onions, etc.

Re: I Need Help With My Butt! - BarbaraS - 12-11-2012

Thanks to all for the advice and help!! You're great!!