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ATTN: Jean & Roy - Old Bay - 01-18-2013

On your way to Austin, spend a day or two in Fredricksburg/Kerrville. Great German food, the best winery in Texas (Grape Creek), and the biggest (and good), Becker Vineyards. Visit the whole Hill Country Wine Trail--some really good surprises. The Nimitz Museum could take a day--(He was born and raised there). Scenery!!!! I love it and you will too!

Re: ATTN: Jean & Roy - cjs - 01-18-2013

Hmmmm, we were planning on skipping Fredricksburg because we had stopped there before and weren't impressed with the wine. BUT, it was years ago and we didn't really know where to go and I think we just spent a few hours because we were staying in San Antonio...... will rethink this.

Thanks Bill for the info.

And, while we're on the subject - apologies to my S.S. (Sharon), but we won't be to Bill & Jane's until after the 4th of Feb. Schedules cropped up after all, so hang on.

Re: ATTN: Jean & Roy - Old Bay - 01-18-2013

There is also some of the best wurst, and biggest variety in the USA!

Re: ATTN: Jean & Roy - cjs - 01-18-2013

O.k., we're going to Fredricksburg/Kerrville for 4 days!! Have all kinds of notes/lists made

Der Lindenbaum restaurant - and I'm ordering: Beef & pork meatballs in caper sauce. Roy loves Schnetzels, so he'll probably choose one of those.

14 wineries listed in the area

Barrison Bros. Distillery (bourbon) tasting............

Grape Creek Vineyards for sure

Opa's Smoked Meats and Dutchman's Market.

Whew, I'm exhausted!! 4 days?????????????

Re: ATTN: Jean & Roy - luvnit - 01-18-2013

Jean & Roy's Big Adventure!!!

Wasn't this a movie????

Re: ATTN: Jean & Roy - Old Bay - 01-18-2013

OMG, I'll catch hell if this doesn't work!!! I give Grape Creek an overall 87 on their dry wine (Parker scale) and Becker an 84--ports are exceptional (warm climate). Don't expect Napa, Willamette, or Walla Walla, but really good--I think Texas is the 4th best (but really good) in the USA. Grape Creek's super Tuscan is my favorite, a little expensive but the tasting is reasonable, Becker has a huge tasting room and selection--make sure they are open on the day you go. I'm not concerned about the food. Have fun!!!

Re: ATTN: Jean & Roy - cjs - 01-19-2013

I'll just tell everyone "Bill sent me!!" then we'll get special treatment.

Re: ATTN: Jean & Roy - Old Bay - 01-19-2013

I wish you a better dining experience at your next destination. If I'm ever in San Angelo I will avoid that steak house--never seen a steak like that. Did they boil it?

Re: ATTN: Jean & Roy - cjs - 01-19-2013

Looks like it, doesn't it??

Re: ATTN: Jean & Roy - cheesemonger - 01-20-2013

Jean, when are y'all going to Fredricksberg? There's a kitchen shop on Main Street you should go through. Let me know if you have questions about food. I've eaten there a lot