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Pizza II - Jean - luvnit - 01-19-2013

I am planning an amazing pizza party for my hubby's boss and a supplier. With their wives. So far we all had dinners at our homes. Usually kinda fancy sit down stuff. I just thought a more casual pizza party would be fun.

In our living room we have a large flat screen with Wii where we can all bowl! Top our own pizzas, have a few beers or wine, and relax.

It would be real nice if I could buy each couple a copy of the Pizza II book Checked Amazon and it's not there, unless I missed it.

I ordered a bunch of stuff through Webstaurant to make the evening a very cool one. I hope...

I plan on using the buffet side of my kitchen as the focal point and prep area. I even got a really cool sign...

[Image: led-pizza-sign-22-x-14.jpg]

I ordered a nice pizza peel for taking then out of the oven...
[Image: american-metalcraft-4016-16-x-18-aluminu...handle.jpg]

I order EIGHT of these to prep and serve pizzas on.

[Image: 12-x-14-wooden-tapered-pizza-peel-with-8-handle.jpg]

And one of these to put pizzas while waiting to go into the oven.
[Image: american-metalcraft-19030-11-slot-pizza-pan-rack.jpg]

One of these for docking the dough...

[Image: dough-docker-heavy-duty.jpg]

A couple of these for ambiance...

[Image: 52-x-90-red-gingham-vinyl-table-cover-wi...l-back.jpg]

We will play a little Dean Martin for more ambiance...

Re: Pizza II - Jean - cjs - 01-19-2013

I love giving pizza parties, Laura - you're going to have so much fun and get ready to see how competitive your friends will get trying to outdo everyone else!! It's a blast.

"I order EIGHT of these to prep and serve pizzas on." what does this mean or what are these???

Never mind, just saw you're going to add some pictures. I'll wait.

Re: Pizza II - Jean - labradors - 01-19-2013

Sounds wonderful and looks like fun.

Yeah, Dean Martin always seemed to be under the influence of some ambience.

Re: Pizza II - Jean - Gourmet_Mom - 01-19-2013

Laura, this sounds like a wonderful party!

Re: Pizza II - Jean - cjs - 01-19-2013


How fun!

We all need to head to Laura's and crash the party!!

Re: Pizza II - Jean - luvnit - 01-19-2013

YES!!! We would love, love, love it!!!

Re: Pizza II - Jean - Trixxee - 01-19-2013

I want to come! (And I love Wii bowling)!

Re: Pizza II - Jean - luvnit - 01-19-2013

You would be so welcome Trixxee! Yes, Wii bowling is fun

Re: Pizza II - Jean - Mare749 - 01-19-2013

Your party sounds so fun, Laura! And, we are also fans of WII bowling! Have a great party!