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Some tips I really like - labradors - 01-25-2013

From THIS article that I saw the other day, here are two cooking-related tips that I really like. As with many tips, they are simple, maybe even obvious things that we just don't always consider.


Put Your Ingredients on Display.

Blogger and author of Secrets of the Best Chefs Adam Roberts picked up on a few things while doing research for his book, and eye candy was one of them.

"When I went to various chefs' homes for my cookbook, I noticed that many of them had baskets and bowls full of gorgeous farmers' market ingredients out on their counters. I didn't think much of it until I started to realize there must be something to this; so, when I finished my research, I bought a basket and started going to the farmers' market every Monday, hauling back… ingredients … and displaying them in my kitchen. What happens is these ingredients act as cooking triggers: you come home from a long day and instead of ordering a pizza, you see your tomatoes or your apples and you get inspired. So that's why… I've put ingredients on display on Monday, [to] keep myself inspired throughout the week."


Grocery Shop Like a Chinese Menu.

This one had us saying "what?," but when Sara Moulton explained, we thought it had the makings of a good cook.

"On a day when you have a little time, like a Saturday or Sunday, go to the grocery store and stock up [like] a Chinese menu. [Buy] five items for column A, the protein, five for column B, the vegetable column, and finally five for column C, the starch column. It doesn't even matter if you have a recipe in mind for these items. Just getting them in the house is the goal. Then, on Monday night, you can look in the fridge/cupboard and say, hmmm, which thing from each column do I want to make tonight?"

Re: Some tips I really like - Gourmet_Mom - 01-25-2013

What great tips! Thanks for sharing, Labs!

Re: Some tips I really like - farnfam - 01-25-2013

Enjoyed this!

Re: Some tips I really like - cjs - 01-25-2013

One that I have done - the 1st one - is to put special shopping "finds" in a basket on the counter (pkg. dips, chutneys, relishes, etc.) to keep them in my mind.

If I put them in the pantry - I find them 5 years later!!!
(I'm going to have to have a BIG basket when I get back from this trip!!!)

Re: Some tips I really like - karyn - 01-25-2013

Those are terrific tips! I really enjoyed reading them.

Re: Some tips I really like - Trixxee - 01-25-2013

Thanks for sharing Labs!

Re: Some tips I really like - Mare749 - 01-25-2013

Some good ideas here. My girls make fun of me because I do the first thing all the time. Fresh fruit is always on the kitchen counter. I have baskets in the basement pantry for onions, potatoes, garlic, yams. The only vegetables that go into the crisper are the ones that are chilled at the store, such as lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower.