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I'm in the mood for . . . . - Harborwitch - 02-22-2013

I have to share . . . today was the 4th spinal decompression treatment, and adjustment. They skipped the physical therapy exercise session so I wouldn't be sore all weekend. This has made such an amazing difference in how I feel!

Next door to the Chiroprator's office is a thrift store that benefits a no kill shelter - today we went in and and I bought the most beautiful dress up shirt and two cookbooks! The first one was a just because I have wanted it for a long time "Abby Mandel's Cuisinart Classroom". It is just chock full of wonderful recipes using the Cuisinart food processor. I've already marked 'Chicken Patties Agusta' and 'Corn Pancakes a la Paris'. There are lots more that sound great. For 50 cents it was a deal, even if it is from the 80's.

Book two - OMG what a treasure! "Pacific Northwest Flavors" by Michael Skott with Lori McKean. This one has 150 recipes - all using ingredients from the Northwest. The book is from 1993 and lists sources for a logn of the ingredients as of that time. There are so many things I want to make in this one - but first off is going to be a 'Chocolate Chestnut Pate with Coffee Custard Sauce' with 'Grilled Oysters with Rhubarb Ginger Compote' on the list. .75! I am really looking forward to spring and summer with all the great ingredients.

Re: I'm in the mood for . . . . - Roxanne 21 - 02-23-2013

Pretty awesome finds there, Sharon. Now why can't I stumble on these goodies-----sigh!!!

Happy your back treatments are helping----

Re: I'm in the mood for . . . . - Cubangirl - 02-23-2013

Hope you are recovering nicely and the treatments work even better than expected.
Those are great finds. I love Cuisinart recipes. I still use the manual from my 1975 fp. They also have some of their originals on their website.

Re: I'm in the mood for . . . . - cjs - 02-23-2013

And I still use Craig Claiborne's (sp?) book on the processor. I agree what fun finds these are.

Is the Northwest book one of the large coffee table type books?? I have so many of those.

Re: I'm in the mood for . . . . - Harborwitch - 02-23-2013

Yeah it's a coffee table size. I just love it. So many good recipes. I am excited to get started. I have a little food processor cookbook (Sunset?) that has a few recipies that I love, but this new one is mind boggling.

The treatments are doing so good! Last night was the first night I haven't gone to bed in pain in a long time. Bob is making sure that I don't overdo until we're a little further along, but the kitchen beckons.

Re: I'm in the mood for . . . . - Trixxee - 02-23-2013

Glad you are feeling much relief HW!

Re: I'm in the mood for . . . . - Mare749 - 02-23-2013

Great finds at the thrift shop, Sharon, and I'm so glad that your treatments are helping.

Re: I'm in the mood for . . . . - luvnit - 02-24-2013

Wow! That is very great Sharon. I am so happy for you! You feel good and found some treasures to boot. Sounds like a wonderful day