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OT: New avatar - labradors - 04-01-2013

Despite my continued, undying devotion to the Labrador breed, I DO have my own puppy, now (which just happens to be a different breed), so I've decided to change avatars.

Considering how much everyone always liked the running lab puppy, I didn't just want to change it for a still image.

Thus, I have made an animated gif avatar from one of the videos of Mimosa.

I hope you all like it.

Re: OT: New avatar - pjcooks - 04-01-2013

Cute,Labs! I'll still think ok you with the old one, though!


Re: OT: New avatar - labradors - 04-01-2013

Thanks. I'm surprised how well the video reduced to an avatar.

Re: OT: New avatar - cjs - 04-02-2013

It is cute and yes, will be hard to recognize you without the lab.

(guess we'll have to start callng you 'mimosa'.....or 'little guy'....)

Re: OT: New avatar - Old Bay - 04-02-2013

Nice Labs. I had two Labs in my duck hunting days, a Golden and a Black. Great dogs. Last dog was a Scottish Terrier--loved him too--very loyal and protective. Mimosa is so cute. What mix is she?

Re: OT: New avatar - labradors - 04-02-2013

Mimosa is a mini-poodle mix of some sort. Not sure what her mother's side is.

LOL, Jean. "Labs" will still be fine.

Re: OT: New avatar - farnfam - 04-02-2013

Oh, Rob,she's so sweet. What a good doggie daddy you are!

Re: OT: New avatar - Trixxee - 04-02-2013

Super cool and sweet, Labs!

Re: OT: New avatar - Mare749 - 04-02-2013

Adorable! I was just going to remind you that you haven't updated Mimosa's page recently....

Re: OT: New avatar - karyn - 04-02-2013

Mimosa is just adorable!