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Dinner, Tuesday nite!! 4/2/13 - Old Bay - 04-02-2013

We're in Charleston!!! Caper's Blades oysters for me!! Tender Atlantic sweet morsels of the sea, the smell, taste of Capers Island and the Atlantic, the Gulf stream, the sound and smell--three wonderful days here ( Daphne, if you and William could shake loose?!)--all the senses!! Jane will have Grouper with drawn butter, succulent, before our quest across South Carolina--pulled pork, shrimp, history, sausage and grits; beef and onion butter hash from my BIL George, rice, and of course,the rest of the family--the tie that binds--everybody is getting older and these will be precious moments. Charleston, Orangeburg,Aiken, Spartanburg, and Gaffney--so little time in the foothills of the Smokies--good times they be!!

Re: Dinner, Tuesday nite!! - labradors - 04-02-2013

The Smokies are beautiful. Have been there a couple of times, but to Highlands, NC, where we stayed when we went white-water rafting on the Chattooga River. Loved it there.

Re: Dinner, Tuesday nite!! 4/2/13 - cjs - 04-02-2013

Oh Bill, it's wonderful now that I know more of what you speak!!! I want to be right back there! Have a great time now you have my juices going and I'm so ready to get back on the road!

"beef and onion butter hash from my BIL George" I think this is the hash recipe Jane gave me.


No reason not to use Bill's thread for our 'daily'

For our 2nd leftover prime rib dish, we're having Steak Milanese with Italian Salsa and Gralic Linguine from C@H's Cooking For Two book.

Yesterday, we had the Ribs from the Prime Rib - oh my, they were delicious!!
[Image: Apr1LeftoverRibBonesgrilled_zps2b3bb60c.jpg]

Re: Dinner, Tuesday nite!! 4/2/13 - Trixxee - 04-02-2013

How fun! I think I'm going to make Blane's recipe for grilled chicken with peanut sauce. No chopping involved and Tony can do the grilling.

Re: Dinner, Tuesday nite!! 4/2/13 - luvnit - 04-02-2013

Nice Trixxee! I am anxious to get on the grill... Still a bit cold.

Today I am making Pioneer Woman Chicken and Noodles. One last chilly comfort meal before it warms up this week.

Re: Dinner, Tuesday nite!! 4/2/13 - Gourmet_Mom - 04-02-2013

I'll have to think on this! I am totally blank on ideas. I think I'll get out my magazines and flip through for inspiration.

Oh Bill! I wish we could! Charleston is one of my favorite places! Seeing you guys again would be great! I am off this week, but sadly, William has too much work right now. I will be thankful for that and hope that we can catch you guys next time! Have a great time! I KNOW the food will be good!

Re: Dinner, Tuesday nite!! 4/2/13 - Mare749 - 04-02-2013

Trixxee, hope your hand is hurting a bit less today.

Very busy day here. All four kids on Spring break so was out with Holly all morning, made lunch for everyone, and went to the park this afternoon. They all just left. Whew!

I decided to make it an easy night, so took out some l/o chili that I froze last week. We'll have a cup of that and some hot dogs on the grill.

Re: Dinner, Tuesday nite!! 4/2/13 - karyn - 04-02-2013

Bill, we love Charleston! It's been way to long since we spent a weekend there, but we always enjoy the food and cocktails!

Trixxee, I'm glad you've found a way around chopping. I hope your hand is feeling better.

We're having either patty melts or grilled hamburgers, depending on what everyone wants. I've got a chopped salad to make us feel healthy.

Re: Dinner, Tuesday nite!! 4/2/13 - Gourmet_Mom - 04-02-2013

Okay, I'm not having one of my favorite things in the world....clams or shrimp and Charleston, but dinner was a former 10. I kept thinking about this crispy yummy chicken dish and finally came up with it! It was only a month ago, but it stood out in my mind! It didn't disappoint! Japanese Fried Chicken with Sticky Vinegar Rice.. I forgot a green to go with, but who cares. This is just that good!

Re: Dinner, Tuesday nite!! 4/2/13 - cjs - 04-03-2013

How do you make you Sticky Vinegar Rice, Daphne?? sounds good.