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OT: Mimosa says, "Hi." - labradors - 04-08-2013

Was so pleased with how this turned out [full size - you may need to scroll to the right]

[Image: shadem.jpg]

that I cropped it even further to make it a portrait.

[Image: closeupr.jpg]

The camera is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than what I had before, and with a face like that, I just had to have a good camera.

Re: OT: Mimosa says, "Hi." - Trixxee - 04-08-2013

Hooray for good cameras! Mimosa is so cute.

Re: OT: Mimosa says, "Hi." - losblanos1 - 04-08-2013

Beautiful picture! Mimosa looks like a professional model. What kind of camera? I was looking for the thread about Jean's camera and had no luck finding it.

Re: OT: Mimosa says, "Hi." - labradors - 04-08-2013

Blane, it's a Canon Elph 110 HS.

Re: OT: Mimosa says, "Hi." - Harborwitch - 04-08-2013

Beautiful picture of an adorable Mimosa. she looks like she's smiling!

Re: OT: Mimosa says, "Hi." - foodfiend - 04-08-2013

Sorry, but you asked for it...

"OOOOoooooooooooooh! What an adorable little puppy-wuppy face and fluffy shaggy fur and the sweetest button nose everrrrrrr!!!!!!!"

couldn't help myself...

Re: OT: Mimosa says, "Hi." - cjs - 04-09-2013

How cute is she!!! Love this camera, also.

Re: OT: Mimosa says, "Hi." - labradors - 04-09-2013

Thanks, everyone.

Don't worry, Vicci, she gets that same reaction from a lot of people.

Re: OT: Mimosa says, "Hi." - Mare749 - 04-09-2013

Oh, what a baby! She is adorable and looks so happy, too!

Re: OT: Mimosa says, "Hi." - Old Bay - 04-09-2013

Does she bark in Spanish and English? She would look good barking in either!!