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Make-Ahead Dinners? - BarbaraS - 04-11-2013

Hey All,

I need some ideas for make-ahead dinners. Something I can make on the weekend, freeze, and take out the night before to reheat the next day. Like pulled pork, which I did and need to portion and freeze.

Lasagna would be another fave, but I would need to make three individual pans to freeze, and I don't have that kind of real estate in my freezer.



Re: Make-Ahead Dinners? - labradors - 04-11-2013

How about the Lasagne Soup? Just be sure to undercook the noodles so they won't be too mushy.

Re: Make-Ahead Dinners? - BarbaraS - 04-11-2013


That soup looks so good! I might try to sub it for His Campbell's Tomato soup on soup and sammie night! I'd even just do the whole soup and add the noodles the night of dinner.

BTW, Mimosa is soooo cute!!


Re: Make-Ahead Dinners? - cjs - 04-11-2013

Other than having toppings for sandwiches/pizzas frozen ahead, you're probably doomed to making casseroles/soups that can be divided up and frozen in portions.

The list is so long, I wouldn't know where to start listing for you.

You might go on Amazon and look for "Leftovers" books - I'm sure there are a number of them and you can get good ideas.

such as -
make a batch of meatballs and freeze them to serve in 6 different ways

Roast a chix and freeze pkgs. and make soups/salads/pasta dishes/sandwich fillings.

and so on

Re: Make-Ahead Dinners? - Trixxee - 04-11-2013

Last time we made meatloaf we made extras (and stored them in freezer bags). Just defrost in the fridge overnight and then reheat. Throw a baked potato in when you get home (could cook it half way in the micro to speed it up) and finish with a steamer bag of veggies.

Re: Make-Ahead Dinners? - BarbaraS - 04-11-2013


We HAVE to try and do pizza again! In the oven. He's just not good with a grill.


Re: Make-Ahead Dinners? - BarbaraS - 04-11-2013


Hubby says I make great meatloaf! But he never eats the leftovers he swears he will for lunch! I think I'll re-serve for dinner! Duly noted!


Re: Make-Ahead Dinners? - Trixxee - 04-11-2013

And we made mini ones! Easy to freeze and reheat.

Re: Make-Ahead Dinners? - Trixxee - 04-11-2013

Also, you can make a beef or chicken burrito/taco filling and freeze some.

Blane and I (and a few others I think like this recipe).

Re: Make-Ahead Dinners? - losblanos1 - 04-11-2013

Trixxee, that is such an excellent suggestion.