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A Pizza P.M. From Me - cjs - 04-13-2013

Here’s my list of folks I’m going to send p.m.s to this a.m. They are all who have shown an interest in making pizzas. I’m working on my 2nd pizza book and I’d like to run a few ideas past you all for your input – nothing involved, just a couple of format ideas I like.

If anyone else is interested and not on my list, please let me know. Or, if you’re not interested n getting a msg., please let me know, also. Cis, you used to make pizza, are you still?? Denise?? Roxanne?? Anyone?


P.S. well, heck - sent out the msgs. and forgot to mention what I'd like from you all - your opinions on the new format. Thanks.

Re: A Pizza P.M. From Me - Mare749 - 04-13-2013

Jean, I want to be able to give this my full attention so might not get back to you for a day or so.

Re: A Pizza P.M. From Me - Harborwitch - 04-13-2013

Jean, I replied - but for the record I love the format idea! What a fun book this one is going to be.

Re: A Pizza P.M. From Me - farnfam - 04-13-2013

I still make pizza, Jean Mostly traditional toppings, but I'm always game to try stuff

Re: A Pizza P.M. From Me - labradors - 04-13-2013

Well, why not, Jean? After all, you ARE the PM of pizzas!

I've responded to the message, as well.

I wonder if you could also include a nod to Denise by making a pizza-shaped shooter - the Margarita Margherita.

Re: A Pizza P.M. From Me - Gourmet_Mom - 04-13-2013

I've replied as well! With only 8 weeks left, I should be able to give the final stages of testing my full attention soon! I'm excited! This just what I need to get me out of my slump. The glorious weather IS helping a lot already, though!

Re: A Pizza P.M. From Me - esgunn - 04-13-2013

I am interested, and really wish I could help out. Alas, my life is so very crazy right now. But I am enjoying the craziness! Best wishes for the book. Can't wait to buy it!

Re: A Pizza P.M. From Me - luvnit - 04-13-2013

I am here for you Jean. We are hooked-up for pizza making... any way you slice it!!!!

Re: A Pizza P.M. From Me - cjs - 04-14-2013

Thanks everyone - so many pizzas and ideas. Just have to put together.