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Smoking Madhouse Yesterday - cjs - 04-22-2013

Wow, I had so much fun playing with my food yesterday!!! This is what my island looked like about 4:30 p.m.

[Image: Apr224timersatonece_zpse21160a0.jpg]

I marinated 2 pieces of salmon in a vodka mixture, brined 2 pork chops for 3 hours then marinated them in C@H's Drunken Pork kebabs sauce. Rubbed red bell pepper and red onion w/olive oil and smoked the whole kit and kaboodle.
[Image: Apr22Salmonandporktosmoke2_zps4a6c7b10.jpg]

[Image: Apr22smkdveggiesforpizza2_zps6d1f99c4.jpg]

And, this was dinner -

[Image: Apr22Smkdsalmonandbarley1_zpsc4e43412.jpg]

I've never smoked pork chops like that - brining, marinating in BBQ sauce, then smoking, Very nice.

So, the salmon and veggies will go on pizza today. My poor fridge is so full of food! I also (don't know why ) defrosted chix wings to play with buffalo wings pizza. What a week this will be.

Re: Smoking Madhouse Yesterday - Trixxee - 04-22-2013

Looking good Jean!

Re: Smoking Madhouse Yesterday - luvnit - 04-22-2013

Okay, this all looks AMAZING! You smoked veggies! I have never, ever, heard of that before!

Everything looks so good!

Re: Smoking Madhouse Yesterday - cjs - 04-22-2013

I have not either, Laura - and I'm so anxious to taste them on the pizza!!

Re: Smoking Madhouse Yesterday - Gourmet_Mom - 04-22-2013

I am seriously drooling!