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Next Project Maybe??????????? - cjs - 04-22-2013

Just saw this and my mouth is watering - and I didn't even like this candy bar growing up.

[Image: almondjoy_zps2c862127.jpg]
Almond Joy Candy Bars

Author Notes: In 30 minutes, these no-bake, vegan candy bars can be yours to enjoy. The process is fairly straightforward and yields fabulous results. - Kristin Rosenau 4/22/13

1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut, lightly packed
3tablespoons coconut oil
2tablespoons honey (or pure maple syrup)
1teaspoon pure vanilla extract
pinch of salt
12 (or more) whole almonds
4ounces semi-sweet chocolate, chopped

1. In a food processor, process the shredded coconut, coconut oil, honey, vanilla extract, and salt until it forms a thick paste, about 2 to 3 minutes. Test the coconut mixture to see if it holds together by squeezing a small amount in your palm. It should compact nicely. If the coconut is still too loose to hold together well, continue to process the coconut mixture for 1 to 2 more minutes.

2. Scoop the coconut mixture with a tablespoon and drop onto a baking sheet lined with parchment or silpat. Press each ball into a small rectangle, taking care to make sure the sides and top are compact. Press an almond on top of the coconut rectangles.

3. Place the coconut rectangles in the freezer and freeze for 15 to 30 minutes, or until solid.

4. Once the coconut is frozen, melt the chopped chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl in the microwave in 15 second intervals, stirring between each interval, until the chocolate is smooth.

5. Carefully skewer each frozen candy bar onto a toothpick and dip into the melted chocolate, tapping off any excess. Return the bar to the parchment or silpat and wait for the chocolate to dry before removing the toothpick. Since the coconut is frozen, this should only take about 30 seconds.

6. Allow the coconut to thaw before serving. Store at room temperature in an airtight container; these should keep for several days.

Yield: Makes 1 dozen candy bars

Re: Next Project Maybe??????????? - BarbaraS - 04-22-2013


You're just evil!


Re: Next Project Maybe??????????? - luvnit - 04-22-2013

OMG! Almond Joy is my all-time favorite candy bar. I have loved them forever. And those look even better than the wrapped candy!

You are killing me!!!

Re: Next Project Maybe??????????? - cjs - 04-22-2013

Good, you try them, Laura and let us know!

Re: Next Project Maybe??????????? - luvnit - 04-22-2013

If I did, I would probably eat them ALL! But since they only make 1 dozen... Hmmm, I may be able to find some willing neighbors to take the ones I shouldn't eat.

We will see. I know I will be thinking of these ALL day!

Re: Next Project Maybe??????????? - Lorraine - 04-22-2013


Almond Joy is my all-time favorite candy bar

His too!!! When I told him about the recipe, he said, "copy and send it to me asap". I know that it will be printed out and on the kitchen counter tomorrow morning for me to make. He was quite disappointed it only made a dozen!

Re: Next Project Maybe??????????? - cjs - 04-22-2013

Oh my, some candy monsters may have been found around here!!

Re: Next Project Maybe??????????? - luvnit - 04-22-2013

I was trying to figure out why these look sooooo good. It's the darker chocolate!

As I have gotten older, and wiser, I prefer a darker chocolate and have often wished (at Halloween) that Almond Joy had dark chocolate.

Yes, these look yummy!

Re: Next Project Maybe??????????? - Gourmet_Mom - 04-22-2013

Sadly, I'm not a coconut fan. I have eaten them on occasion, but not a fan.

Re: Next Project Maybe??????????? - BarbaraS - 04-22-2013

I can understand - Hubby will eat fresh coconut, but hates processed sweetened or unsweetened flaked coconut.

I always loved Almond Joys. Mounds just lacked the almond, but I loved them too!