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Need Pork Ideas - cjs - 05-21-2013

I have pulled pork, smoked pork, slo-cooked pork...............

Other than sandwiches, how do you all add this kind of pork to dishes??? Need some ideas other than -
taco filling
I will use the ends (and the highly seasoned pieces) to cook up the beans I rec'd from Sharon for Christmas

what else? thanks.

Here's the last of it - it is so darn good!!!

This was yesterday as I put them in the smoker -
[Image: May20Porkreadytosmoke2_zpsad28eca7.jpg]

[Image: May21MrBrownsslicedsmkpork_zpsec5057e2.jpg]

[Image: May21MrBrownssmkpork8ozpkgs_zps0d9fec20.jpg]

Re: Need Pork Ideas - Mare749 - 05-21-2013

That looks sooo good! I know you said no sandwiches, but don't forget to make a good Cuban sandwich. Yummy.

I've posted this recipe previously, so you might already have it, but it's one that we really like and have made quite a few times.

Re: Need Pork Ideas - cjs - 05-21-2013

Thanks Maryann - copied.

I also searched thru my [Email]C@H[/Email] c.d. and found issue #88 (Aug. 2011) has some good sounding dishes that I can add it to.

page 35 - Caramel Pork Stir-Fry with rice stick noodles
page 33 - slow=cooker Boston Baked Beans
page 36 - Pulled Pork Piccalilli
page 37 - Hunter's Pork Stew with leek and fontina polenta (maybe I'll still have some for this fall dish )


edited to add - two of the hunks I did use for a Cuban Pork - Slo-Cooker that I got off some blog. The flavors are really good!! So, yes, Cuban sandwiches are on the list.

Re: Need Pork Ideas - Trixxee - 05-21-2013

Fried rice
Chop Suey
Won Ton Soup

Re: Need Pork Ideas - cjs - 05-21-2013

Oh yes, won ton soup!!!

Re: Need Pork Ideas - Mare749 - 05-21-2013

Going to look up the Caramel Pork recipe now!

Re: Need Pork Ideas - Harborwitch - 05-21-2013

We like to save some for chile. Nothing like some smokey piggy in there.

Re: Need Pork Ideas - cjs - 05-21-2013

Chili - good!

Re: Need Pork Ideas - labradors - 05-21-2013

Spring rolls, potstickers, pho, ramen, laksa...

Re: Need Pork Ideas - karyn - 05-21-2013

One of my family's very favorites is the Tamale Corn Cakes with Carnitas from C@H 58. The only modification I've made is to cook the masa/corn mixture a lot longer than the recipe specifies, and to chill it overnight. That makes the breading and pan frying much easier. This sure isn't health food, but it's yummy!