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Colorado - DFen911 - 06-11-2013

I can't recall any of us living in CO but want to make sure, because the fires are really starting some big evac's.

Good reminder with fire season upon us (btw it started a month and a half soon for us here) to keep vigil and have a plan incase of emergency.

Re: Colorado - Harborwitch - 06-11-2013

We've had horrendous winds up here. Luckily it hasn't been as hot as usual. I don't recall anyone here from CO but I think Chef Dave Nelson is in CO - stay safe everyone, fires scare the cr@p out of me.

Re: Colorado - cjs - 06-12-2013

Dave & Pam have left CO for Arizona, but still have the grandkids in Steamboat. We have lots of family in Colorado - Windsor/Loveland areas.

The winds were pretty bad over here also, Sharon - but this park has done a wonderful job of planting tree barriers so we've been able to keep the awning up, even. But, sure has been cooler yesterday and this a.m.