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MasterChef - London - cjs - 06-12-2013

What a great show this is and I love how they have each contestant prepare the required dish individually! I'm hooked. I think we're watching reruns of a past show and there were only 5 contestants remaining, but really enjoyed it.

Hopefully I'll find another season of it again.

Re: Mastercook - London - labradors - 06-12-2013


Who were the five, and what did they prepare?

Are you talking about MasterChef? I can't find any references to a show called Mastercook.

Re: MasterChef - London - cjs - 06-12-2013

I don't know who they were - 4 guys and a 23-year old gal. They needed to work with honeycomb in one section - decorating 3 chocolate discs.

And, the main challenge was a classic dish (can't remember the exact title) of a triangular piece of sole stuffed with lobster and a lobster sauce.
[Image: Jun11MasterChefLondon_zps58620479.jpg]

Do you remember this??

Re: MasterChef - London - labradors - 06-12-2013

That's from the most recent season of MasterChef - The Professionals and it's actually pretty early in the season.

There were only five contestants at the time because that phase of the program is about going through several groups of contestants to narrow down which of them will cook for Michel Roux, Jr. The ones that do make it get pared down even further before going to the semi-finals, etc. Thus, you'll soon see a different group of contestants go through the same process (in case you may wonder what happened to the people you're seeing now).

It was a great show and I could watch Monica Galetti and Michel Roux, Jr. all day. It was the latter who, in one of his demonstrations during the series, said something that I used as the quote in my signature a while back: "In French, the measure 'a touch more cream' is about half a litre."

Re: MasterChef - London - cjs - 06-12-2013

Great! We're sure enjoying it!

Re: MasterChef - London - labradors - 06-12-2013


Of course, since these contestants are already professionals, not just the amateurs from the usual MasterChef shows, these challenges can be pretty intense.

Get ready for some incredible food and some surprises along the way (as well as some of the faces Monica makes during those early skills tests).

Re: MasterChef - London - cjs - 06-12-2013

I noticed the facial expressions while they were working with the honeycombs.

Re: MasterChef - London - Cubangirl - 06-12-2013

I just found this on BBC America and have the entire competition set to tape. Watched a bit of one show last night white going through the episodes to avoid duplicates. I really liked it. Thanks for the tip.