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Saturday's Dinner, 6/16/13?? - cjs - 06-15-2013

What's on the menu for today??

I think we're going out for Mexican food with Bob & Sharon. Sharon & I are checking out the farmers market this a.m.

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 6/16/13?? - losblanos1 - 06-15-2013

We're having Rubbed Rib-Eye with bacon-molasses butter.

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 6/16/13?? - Trixxee - 06-15-2013

Good grief, doesn't that sound decadent! I'm watching a Bobby Flay show now with rib eyes that I might have to make tomorrow.

But today we are going out for a late lunch with my sister's family and my mom for a little 8th grade promotion celebration at The Yard House. Something on the menu for everyone. (And they have good drinks)!

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 6/16/13?? - BarbaraS - 06-15-2013

We're having rib eyes as long as the pain from this emergency root canal I had this morning subsides. Cracked an upper molar the other day.

What a suck-y week. Did I mention that I got laid off last Thursday?


Re: Saturday's Dinner, 6/16/13?? - Trixxee - 06-15-2013

I'm sorry about the tooth but even sorrier about the lay off, Barbara.

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 6/16/13?? - cjs - 06-15-2013

Oh Barbara, I'm so sorry it finally happened!!! Please come on often and vent - we all have broad shoulders!!

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 6/16/13?? - DFen911 - 06-15-2013

Well the smoker is smoking and today I host game night. On my menu is smoked pork shoulder (16 hours and smells like heaven!), pickled slaw, homemade honey mustard sauce, goat cheese and peach/mango salsa, baked ranch beans, smoked jalapeno poppers, fresh fruit platter and for dessert baked brie with kahlua, brown sugar and pecans. Where are my stretchy pants?!

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 6/16/13?? - karyn - 06-15-2013

Oh, Barbara, I'm so sorry!! Hopefully this will create all sorts of new opportunities for you, but the dentist on top of everything else seems a bit unfair....

We had our Father's Day dinner tonight...grilled, marinated flank steak, grilled flat bread, and a fresh green bean salad. Dessert is cherry pie and ice cream. Totally yummy dinner, and pretty easy, too!

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 6/16/13?? - Mare749 - 06-15-2013

We went out to a local dive, had a few beers and Italian subs.

Barbara, I'm so sorry about the layoff and about your tooth. Been through both and it's not fun.

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 6/16/13?? - Harborwitch - 06-15-2013

Barbara I am so sorry about the tooth and the job. Sometimes something better that will bring you joy is right around the corner.

Denise your dinner sounds wonderful.