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Scottish Oat Cakes - farnfam - 06-18-2013

Looking at menus today especially designed for shift workers. I found a British site that was quite informative. Their menu and meal times were not much different from what we've worked out over the years, but they did include a snack of Scottish Oat Cakes once or twice a day. Needless to say I was more than curious. So common it seems are these oatcakes they did not include a recipe. I did find some and of course I tried one today. Very simple mixture of oats, salt, bk pwdr and "goose fat". Roll out, cut and bake. They were pretty good!
So, I was wondering, any of you food buddies have any experience with them?

Re: Scottish Oat Cakes - pjcooks - 06-18-2013

Yes! I discovered these many many many years ago at the Scottish Lion restaurant in No. Conway (NH). I got their recipe-delicious!!Although I used butter...

Really tasty and appropriate for lots of occasions.


Re: Scottish Oat Cakes - chef_Tab - 06-18-2013

I wonder if you could substitute almond butter for the fat and make it more of a healthy snack. They sound right up my alley......not too sweet.

Re: Scottish Oat Cakes - farnfam - 06-18-2013

Almond butter seems like it would work. Ask Wally, if he's had them .