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Dinner Wednesday, 6/19/13?? - cjs - 06-19-2013

What's on the menu for everyone today??

We're making a run to Umatillo today with Sharon and Bob and then come back to, I hope, Tagaris Winery and have a glass of wine and their flatbread... yummy!

Re: Dinner Wednesday, 6/19/13?? - Trixxee - 06-19-2013

I think I'm declaring Wednesdays Burger Wednesdays. Tonight it's a Bobby Flay take-off on a Philly sandwich (provolone, peppers, onions).

Re: Dinner Wednesday, 6/19/13?? - karyn - 06-19-2013

Jean, you and Sharon are having too much fun!

We went out to the local tavern for a quick bite. I had bruschetta with shrimp, crab, apple and avocado and a cosmo. John had beer cheddar soup and a salad with arugula, feta, and watermelon and a Corona. It was all good, but not particularly memorable.

Re: Dinner Wednesday, 6/19/13?? - Harborwitch - 06-19-2013

All I can say is "where are we going to put all this wine and booze" and "burp".

I have sourdough starter (thank you Jean), leftovers from lunch (thank all those without hollow legs), and lots of wonderful beverage material! I'm looking for a nap!

Re: Dinner Wednesday, 6/19/13?? - labradors - 06-19-2013


I have sourdough starter (thank you Jean)...

That's our Sharon: even her bread relies upon special fermentation.

Re: Dinner Wednesday, 6/19/13?? - Harborwitch - 06-19-2013

Labs . . . it's a tough job, but somebody has to eat/drink all the fermented stuff in the world! I'm doing my part!